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  1. Do toploaders damage autographs

    Yes they do. Would only recommend polyester pockets. Message me for more info
  2. To clarify I wasn't trying to promote other events, which is why I didn't mention them. All I'm trying to do is improve the LFCC experience for myself and everyone else in the future. I hope you take the suggestion on board.
  3. Ok so you've deleted my post. I still think my suggestion is valid. If you'd like me to put the idea forward somewhere else please let me know.
  4. So as it turned out, despite only being able to attend today, I managed to get both my auto and photo sorted with the diamond pass. Think it helped that all diamond passes were called straight away rather than by number, for the auto. So panic over but will make sure I attend all 3 days next year so there's no risk. Ps Natalie was lovely. Enjoy to those meeting her tomorrow.
  5. This is basically penalising anyone who can't attend all 3 days. Anyone just attending one day can not buy a diamond pass as there is no way to guarantee getting an autograph on that day. I really believe this should change and that anyone who buys a diamond pass should be able to get both their photo and autograph on whichever day they choose. What happens if you cannot get the auto? Do you get a partial refund? I'm guessing not.