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  1. I managed to get Christopher Lloyds auto on the Saturday , I tried to get Robert Englund and despite having VQ 38, with other photoshoots I couldn't get it. and sadly on sunday he wasn't signing, I briskly walked to where his table was and no such luck! Sigourney weaver came back earlier than crew expected from breaks on sunday and when I asked what VQ number they were on the nice gentleman told me to just join the que as it was going down rapidly. so just a case of being in the right place at the right time I don't think non diamond pass holders can complain in fairness, its pot luck if we get them or not, if we want guarantees we must purchase the diamond passes. over all a fantastic weekend :)
  2. Hi all,hope its been a good day,here's who I met today and my experiences, What a fab day Frances Lee mccain- wonderful lady who personalised my auto in a lovely way, friendly and took her time, and got posed photo Zach Galligan - friendly and polite in both photo shoot and autograph, even had his own gizmo on the photo shoot Ricky dean logan- even tho my parter was getting the auto he told me he wanted to give me a posed pic with him, made my day Claudia Wells- friendly and happy, complimented me on my hair colour, happy days Christopher lloyd - great pic, amazing bloke, was star stuck Neve Campbell - very friendly Every one I had contact with was so happy to be seeing fans, makes the experience so lovely, this is my first con and so excited for what tomorrow brings, I think showmasters coped reasonably well today, tomorrow is going to be tough for them Overall a fantastic day of memories, how's your day been?
  3. Mackenzie

    Places to leave bags?

    Hi there is a cloak room,I haven't used it but saw a sign to say its £1 per item, it is run by the venue and not showmasters
  4. Mackenzie

    James Tolkan - great guy

    Why did you get kicked out dude? And yes he was superb with his fans
  5. Mackenzie

    Photo thread

    You have some superb pics there
  6. brill, just need to keep checking the shop then :) thanks for that
  7. hi, I was just wandering if any new batches will be added to the shop between now and Friday? I know that they had said that if it was final batch it would be marked as final. but I am looking to purchase a James Remar ticket and I would need to book this on the Friday as my partner has a pic with him booked on that day. but it currently states he is sold out. thanks for any help in advance :)
  8. Mackenzie

    Spreadsheet Schedule

    This is superb and a huge help getting organised.. Cheers (
  9. Mackenzie

    LFCC Entrances and Floor Plan

    Schedule.... Check ☑ Floor plan... Check ☑ Geek tshirts guest related... Check ☑ Posters for autos... Check ☑ Excitement level... Check ☑ 3 more sleeps and we're off Superb work by all the showmasters teams, cancellations aside, the line up is fantastic and assured to be a well presented and organised weekend for all to enjoy Stress less.. Enjoy more :-D
  10. Mackenzie

    I wonder why

    I agree that cosplayers add elments of fun and glamour to the events, we have small children whom when we have done cons in the past love to see cosplayers and always ask various nice people for photos with them, adding paid cosplayers takes away from the everyday fans who spend months putting together the perfect costume. I also agree it is a huge community and SM do well to provide lots of facilities and competitions for this part of the con community :-)
  11. Mackenzie

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    Just wanted to say how excited I am for next weekend, can't wait.. Schedule all sorted, with a few minor rushes (not gonna call them clashes). The mods on here have done a superb job in replying to everyone's individual issues, Only a few more sleeps!!!!