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  1. Eddie Murphy for my guess, to complete the Beverly Hills Cop
  2. Hugh Quarshie - Nightbreed, The Church, Star Wars Ep1 Angela Pleasance - Symptoms, From Beyond the Grave Robert Powell - Asylum, The Asphyx, The Survivor
  3. Amazing guest announcement, Tales From the Crypt was an amazing series and the crypt keeper such an iconic character. Definite photo shoot for me
  4. No photo shoot option, that's a shame would have brought one in an instant. Oh well, it will still be a great honour to meet him for an auto.
  5. Great to finally meet you at the Lokken Talk as well Golden Green, hope to catch up with you at London.
  6. Great guest, could you confirm please is he's £15 or £20 as website saying £20 and announcement says £15. Much appreciated.
  7. Belatedly saw a couple of episodes about five years ago. I think they showed it again a while back on the horror channel
  8. Digital download, though really wish they would do European Blu ray box set. Especially as you're practically guaranteed guests who have been in them at some point at these shows to sign them. This year alone at the shows we have Zach Galligan, Jennifer Rubin, William Sadler, James Remar and Sugar Ray Leonard
  9. Having a short break from writing so am re-watching Tales From the Crypt on my train journeys home. Has there ever been a better cast and crew listing for a tv show? Possibly Twilight Zone or Outer Limits but a very close run thing. So many great actors, directors and writers alike. Has anyone else got great memories of the tv show or even comics. x
  10. My Waxwork dvd is just the standard uk release. I'm still hoping for someone like Arrow to do a blu ray release of it and lost in time. Carpenter's filmography is insanely strong. Even if you exclude Halloween, he has done so many greats. The Thing, Prince of Darkness, The Fog, Mouth of Madness, Big Trouble Little China to name but a few. I loved his episode of Masters Of Horror called Cigarette Burns. Would love to see Langencamp and anyone from reanimator especially a certain mr coombs
  11. .............................Anderson Awesome announcement. Am very highly tempted by this
  12. Jeffrey Coombs would be absolutely epic too. Showmasters are already spoiling us. I hope the horror guests prove to be super successful so it will help encourage more bookings in future shows.
  13. Brad Dourif or Chris Sarandon from child's play would be beyond epic. I would probably ask to smell their hair too I'd be so excited and star struck. I would love to see them get Doug Bradley and Clair Higgins from Hellraiser, especially as Claire Higgins cancelled collectormania last year.
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