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  1. I'm soooo glad that Showmasters have finally nailed this event!! The last 2 years have been an absolute farce and I was very very close to sacking it off for the first time in 10 years! Really glad I didn't though as it was spot on this year! Lessons have finally been learned and now I cannot wait until next year! Well done!
  2. Love this show! How are you watching it? Region 1 Blu-Ray? Met John Kassir a few years back and he was actually the nicest guy ever!!!! "Helllllo Kiddies!!!!"
  3. Awesome guest announcement! Loved Monica in Freddy vs Jason and can't wait to meet her! 😀
  4. Yes! Please Please Please make this happen Showmasters!! We need another Jason to meet!!
  5. Thanks for the replies on this one! I got a Hitcher photo signed today for which I paid £20! Would have been great if it had only cost £15 but hey ho I did get a photo taken at the table even though he initially said he wasn't allowed!!
  6. C Thomas Howell during our discussion about The Hitcher. Top bloke - even managed to get a cheeky photo with him at his table. ** The woman in the background looks happy to be there :-) **
  7. Hi, can anyone who attended the show today tell me whether C Thomas Howell had Hitcher photos at his table? Also was he VT/open queue? Cheers!
  8. FINALLY met Adam Green.........he was an absolutely TOP BLOKE and has a lot of time for his fans!!!
  9. I agree with you Indiana Starry Eyes was my favourite film of the weekend! It was worth watching just for the dumbbell scene! I also really enjoyed Digging Up The Marrow but I love Adam Green so I'm perhaps a little bias! By the way Indiana - thanks for telling me who Essie Davies was! Sorry if I freaked you out when I said I recognised you from the forum! LOL!
  10. Katherine Isabelle is doing a few US cons at the moment! Would be great if you could get her for LFCCW!
  11. Donald

    Rob Zombie -31

    I always watch Zombies films but a lot like Eli Roth the jury is out for me. I actually liked the Halloween films but didn't really like House of 1000 Corpses or The Devils Rejects. I agree with you...... I really didn't like Lords of Salem either, in my opinion his weakest film to date. On a slightly different note I just finished watching Ti Wests new film The Sacrament and thought it was absolutely excellent! I think Ti West is a great director and with the exception of Cabin a Fever 2 have loved all his recent efforts!!!
  12. Donald

    Sharni Vinson

    If I'd have seen these before LFCC I would definitely have bought one to get signed! Another missed opportunity!
  13. Donald

    Sharni Vinson

    Awesome pic andini! Pretty jealous of that! Sharni was a great guest to meet she genuinely seemed to enjoy meeting everyone! andini where did you get the mask and was it expensive??
  14. I wouldn't suggest moving off the fence but surely you have to watch the Halloween remakes!!! Here are 2 reasons you should watch the remakes immediately, 1) to find out that your childhood hero, Michael Myers, is actually Rob Zombie in disguise!! 2) so you can see Lori Strode getting inappropriate with a bagel!! I think that covers everything.........
  15. You know I would still pick Halloween! I hated both of Rob Zombies Halloween films the first time I saw them however I rewatched them after meeting Danielle Harris and again after meeting Scout Taylor Compton and I enjoy them more every time! I fully expect that know I have met Tyler Mane that when I watch them again they will be my favourite films of all time!!
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