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  1. I placed my order on 9th May, am in the UK and have not yet received my order yet. Hopefully my email query will be answered as items shipped Thursday should have arrived by now.
  2. ok thanks I hadn't seen that statement
  3. Sorry to open up a new thread but the one below was shut down after one reply. It wasn't really answered in my opinion, still sending stuff out doesn't really give an indication of when things will arrive. The last thing I read was that items would be sent out within 2 weeks (except LFCC) now there was a full time member of staff, and the email I sent earlier this week has not been answered. I don't mind waiting a little longer if communication is a bit better and we have a good idea when things will arrive.
  4. Couple of recent ones I thought were really good were Night of Something Strange and Voodoo
  5. Michael Jai White was in the UK this weekend. Would love to meet Spawn / Black Dynamite!
  6. Supernatural, Harper's Island, Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, Arrow......enough said!!
  7. Oh that sucks she was the main reason for me attending :-(
  8. Katie Cassidy (Elm Street remake, Balck Christmas remake, Arrow, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Harper's Island)
  9. Can't argue against anyone who's been announced, it's going to be a great event. Would love a couple of Eurpoean horror guests though, Asia & Dario Agento, Ruggero Deodato, Lamberto Bava, Pete Walker, Norman J Warren etc, though I appreciate these don't have the mass appeal of the Hollywood crowd.
  10. Jake Busey!!!! (Starship Troopers, The Frighteners)
  11. Anybody bought the special enhanced signed limited edition version of this, or tempted?
  12. I'm hoping these passes don't sell out too quickly I haven't got that spare cash at the moment :-(
  13. Jake Busey - Starship Trooper, The Frighteners Roxanne Pallett - former soap star who's been in several horrormovies recently.
  14. It is amazing news!! 30 minute episodes sounds a little short for this type of show but fingers crossed they do it justice. I read that Raimi is directing the pilot episode.
  15. andini


    Willow Creek is very much a Blair Witch clone, something that's been done to death a 1000 times now. Exists on the other hand brings something new to the table by making it a creature feature rather than just a noises in the woods type film.
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