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  1. marycosplay

    The Walking Dead Season 4

    Yeah, she is a tough woman, the same as Michonne,
  2. marycosplay

    The Walking Dead Season 4

    already saw season 5 episode 1, Carol is cool.
  3. marycosplay

    Funniest Anime?

    Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun
  4. marycosplay


    Arrow season 3 comes out this month.
  5. marycosplay

    Breaking Bad

    I hope there will have another season, but it seems impossible.
  6. marycosplay

    Are there any fans of The Big Bang Theory?

    Yeah, many of my friends are into the big bang theory, it's hilarious.
  7. marycosplay

    the Walking dead

    Looking for forward to watching season 5 this month.
  8. marycosplay

    The Big Bang Theory

    I watched 5 seasons.Jim Parsons has won his fourth Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on The Big Bang Theory.
  9. marycosplay

    Prison Break Season 4 *no spoilers*

    The show totally surprises me at the beginning.
  10. marycosplay

    Lost - 'The End' - Finale Discussion

    Quite great show.
  11. marycosplay

    Under The Dome

    I just watched the second season,7 episode, like you said, pink stars are falling is silly, but I still continue to watch it.
  12. marycosplay

    Under The Dome

    Did anyone watch Under The Dome? One of my high school classmates is a big fan of it, but I have to say it's not my cup of tea.
  13. marycosplay


    At the beginning, sorts of batman, but I finished all the two seasons.
  14. marycosplay

    The Walking Dead Season 4

    I can't waiting for season 5
  15. marycosplay

    Favourite Anime?

    Gintama is great.