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  1. No updates yet but I'm hoping there will be soon. Personally I think it will be cancelled.
  2. Hi I was just looking at the tickets info on the website and every photo ticket seems to say "with collectors book" on it. What is the collector's book please?
  3. Kirsty Alley please as she had to cancel LFCC and Robin Curtis for a Savvik double photo maybe.
  4. John Simm for a double Master photo shoot with Derek Jacobi would be cool.
  5. Sorry about that but yeah a Firefly reunion would be awesome if it could happen and apoligies I shouldn't have linked Ron Glass.. RIP Ron
  6. Nathan Fillion Gina Torres Alan Tudyk Morena Baccarin Adam Baldwin Jewel Staite Sean Maher Summer Glau
  7. an idea since Terry Farrell and Nicole De Boer are both at the event maybe a double dax shoot.
  8. Both Newcastle and Cardiff event sites were being shown as dangerous and hacked - eventbrite was fine.
  9. I have bought two separate shoots but I would have loved a double shoot too
  10. For the past couple of days I have been getting warnings from my antivirus software and now google as well saying that the event sites may have been hacked and wondered if the admins know about this just to be safe?
  11. As we're getting geared up for the event I was wondering when Showmasters may hopefully provide a floor plan for people so they can have a rough idea where they want to go in case they have photos early in the morning or for those big guests they want to get autographs from? Cheers
  12. Hello, This question has been asked by a few on facebook so I thought I would ask in the forum to try and get an answer for people: When buying the e-ticket say for a friend or other people do they have to have the person that bought them with them or some other form of id to use the e-tickets? Thank you.
  13. Star Trek: Voyager Cast reunion, Colm Meany, George Takei & Jeffery Coombs. Star Wars: Mark Hamil, James Earl Jones, Harrison Ford.
  14. When will there be more announcements for Film and Comic Con Manchester? Seems to be quiet compared to the other cons happening round the country. cheers.
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