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  1. Great fun! Apart from those that hog them for hours on end! Must of waited a good hour to play mario kart on the wii U!
  2. Yes! esp because half the cast was in LOST!
  3. Last time a remember one of these threads it was a truck....sorry, I mean Optimus prime...i won't get my hopes up this time!
  4. Anyone could be announced at any point up til the event, so possibly! I do hope so though :)
  5. So last year I brought a £15 early bird so when I got there at 10:30-11 I only had a 'little' (smaller than standard anyways) queue...but now I have to pay more (£18) to get there at 10:30-11 (earliest I physically can due to living far away and trains) to wait in a queue with thousands.....
  6. Little disappointing so far! But I have 2! MC Gainey Christopher Cousins
  7. Either a Lost or Breaking Bad would be cool.....with a few more guests
  8. I've got number 3 for Christopher Cousins and Number 1 for MC Gainey so very low numbers :)
  9. Totally agree with this! If you're going to do it, do it for the chosen charity! It's a nice idea but like others have said, I doubt you'd be able to do it indoors, nothing stopping you outdoors though! Where are you planning on getting the water from?
  10. I thought the first few episodes were really good, then after the 'pink stars are falling' stuff and the core of the dome ect I thought it was all abit silly but I carried on watching, and thought the ending was good so will most likely watch the first ep of the second season. But yeah it's really not that great.
  11. Booked hotel, and got entry for Saturday plus two photoshoots so far! Hoping for more guests though to make it more worth the travel and hotel cost!
  12. I've just looked through Sundays for you and couldn't find you either!
  13. LOST the Walking Dead Breaking Bad Orange is the New Black
  14. Maybe some Olympians as sports guests?
  15. Michelle Rodriguez Laura Prepon Claire Danes Dominic Monaghan Mathew Fox
  16. Jid1993


    I'm currently at the end of season 1....and think it's reallyyy good!
  17. Some more Breaking Bad or Lost would be epic! Some Orange is The New Black would be cool too!
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