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  1. bring a shed ton of money with you, you're gonna need it kid :-)
  2. well i'd like to the girl who mentioned me earlier as the guy that commented on her Rammstein t-shirt i've sent her a friend invite thing on here but i dont know if she receives an email informing her of that, where as if you had a pm service then there is a good chance that she would have received an email... i dont have facebook or twitter so my options are limited... even if i did i dont think that option is available to contact her for a friendly chat. you dont see it as a major issue, well i do... i guess we are going to ahve to agree to disagree with each other's opinion. yours r
  3. that really does suck as this is the only forum that has disabled this feature then... not being on twitter or facebook, i think its something that needs to be redressed.
  4. yep i'm on here, and its nice to see a fellow rammstein fan... not sure if you can send private messages on this site but i can link you a picture to confirm it was me.... i have a Rammstein T-shirt too :-) http://s5.photobucke...tml?sort=3&o=10
  5. does anyone have the web address of those wonderful dutch steampunk girls who were selling corsets in the mid-section of the arena?
  6. how soon will it be before you put up a website listing guests, tickets etc
  7. i can understand why people like being stopped and asked for a photograph. i wasnt wearing a costume but a young italian couple like the t-shirt i was wearing for my Lena and Peter shoot, it simply has a picture of George R.R. Martin on the front that says; Got a favourite character.... not anymore and the back it says keep calm and kill Freys.
  8. never had any problems with peter but i guess at the end of the weekend he would have been tired and physically exhausted from having to smile and write out his name a hell of a lot. bare in mind that the statistics say there were 80,000 people at the show so if everyone bought one autograph that would be £2,400,000. i wish he had been able to personalise my signed picture but under those conditions i fully understand.... it would also explain why i have a sore throat at the moment and cold like symptoms :-) after shaking his hand on saturday.
  9. And here are the pictures i took with my mobile, some are a bit shakey but if yousee yourself in there let me know who you are and what picture you are in...thanks. http://s5.photobucket.com/user/Phantom_Major/library/London%20Comicon%202013?sort=3&page=1
  10. yeah i agree on the rush job for peter and lena, the photographer had to do a double take as none of us were ready, but i did take a good luck when i left just in case it had gone wrong.... i do understand your pain.
  11. is there a website or link for thet winter LFCC yet?
  12. good to see you're pictures up on the site, i've just got home...btw i was the guy that came up to you and talked about Rammstein !
  13. didn't know we got a free photo option..... i missed that boat, would have been nice if one of the stewards mentioned it when they were slapping on my gold wristband :-/
  14. you did a magnificent job filling the gap left by your co-host... i saw here shortly after the talk at the singing table looking very hungover, wearing sunglasses indoors did kinda give it away
  15. yeah i was the same, i wanted the Blakes 7 pack but they werent doing that, tbh i forgot to book the damn pack anyway but i opted for the stargate pack in it's place and there are 2 people in the whole pack i recognise.
  16. yeah this was a brilliant idea, big thumbs up for that move !
  17. yeah i hope to be there, as its only a bus and a train ride away from me.
  18. well i got mine personalized and i had a lovely chat with about that incident at the airport, a really nice gentleman... big thumbs up for him!
  19. on saturday they did have cola bottle chew sweets and the water did run out and i did bring it to the attention of a red shirt crew member who told me they would get a new water cooler bottle, i waited 30 minutes and then left for a photo shoot.... cam back later and there was some bottled water.
  20. There is a joint Amanda/Claudia shoot already. Claudia is replacing Michael. ah thank you so much indeed !
  21. how about an amanda and claudia shoot instead of the amanda and michael shoot?
  22. i ordered one of the second batch of gold tickets, when should i officially start to panic when it doesnt arrive?
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