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  1. Thank you, but I think I'll appreciate them more if I find them out myself, I only recognise 3 or so of them.
  2. Well I got mine today, don't think it is Joss Whedon (maybe one or two completely obscure ones). Personally I think it's just a random pack with JW written on the envelope, ohwell.
  3. I don't blame the crew on hand but I wasn't very clear on what really happened. Are they actually out of stock completely of some autograph packs? If they did then how can they get more supply? I thought they built up stock from previous events.
  4. Glad Earls Court will be around abit longer but look forward to seeing what Olympia is like. Jason and those who create the event, you better get your skates on, only 3 months to get some awesome guests! I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. I shook his hand at the signing and then before and after my photo with him all on Sat, never once was I told not to. I do respect any notices etc which there weren't any. Maybe thats why he looked so serious in my pic lol.
  6. Note from QS. Your first post was moved to the mod section because the forum rules do not allowed talk about other events. I have asked someone who is more familiar with that subject to make as sensible edit to your post. The post will be moved back once the edit has been made. Please do not repost again. Thank you for understanding.
  7. Nathan Fillion Jewel Staite Michael Rooker Andrew Lincoln Jeffrey DeMunn David Morrissey Chandler Riggs Jack Gleeson Mark Addy Richard Madden Tom Wlaschiha And anyone else available from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones
  8. I did this with this years Milton Keynes Collectomania, I received mine exactly a week after the event if I remember right. The Sat that followed after the event, but may take longer for you as I'm just giving my example.
  9. I googled the location, doesn't look too far from Earls Court. I take it you just go the opposite direction from West Brompton? edit- And thanks SM, despite my moaning, I really did enjoy last weekend, met some awesome guests and some great memories were made. Cannot wait for October! Just hope I can manage without a Gold Pass this time.
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