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  1. matt, if you look up ian chefhawk sparrowhawk on facebook he was the wookie
  2. thanks for the kind words on my twisty costume mate, had major fun doing it :)
  3. i posted a question similar to this in winter lfcc forum and nobody answered me either, can someone with knowledge pleas answer these questions as some of us costumers have suitcases and have to check out of our hotels early on sunday that are travelling on public transport need to know. thanks!
  4. That would be mr Darren Lacey, hes a nutter :) https://www.facebook.com/Darwiniantheory
  5. hi to anyone that knows, is here a bag check in like at earls court? Also i know the main entrance has steps, but is there a ramp or anything as my sunday cosplay has dog style stilt legs, so just wondered for ease of access to and from outside, thanks in advance
  6. This is my partners costume Cat in The Hat to go with my Grinch on the sat & Sun
  7. As far as im aware sneaky are tryng to get some hits on their most recent video in order to claim a sponsorship, if they dont get enough views they have stated they wont be able to make it to london, due to funds but ive told them i would pay for their travel costs as i wanna be in that video with my grinch costume, so hopefully one way or other, they will be there :)
  8. Will be coming as the Grinch both Sat & Sun, come say hi if you dare
  9. just had to post this absolute epicness from the guys over at Sneaky Zebra, enjoy
  10. Thats a good photo of me and my partner. Thanks for posting it :)
  11. Oo you managed to get a picture of me and my partner, thanks for posting it :)
  12. as the title says, there was tons but my fav was The Jackal from 13 Ghosts
  13. Where did you get the costume from ? Ceasar, Zaius and Taylor were completely hand made by us. Other guys get theres from various places
  14. Awsome i was the Ceasar in that photo and my partner becci was Zaius and my brother as Taylor. We had great fun, and looking if nyone has more pics :)
  15. Did anyone get a picture of the UK Gorillas Planet of the Apes group on Sunday?
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