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  1. Hey everyone, Hope everyone has recovered from a manic Saturday at LFCC and those there today are having a wonderful day! I thought I'd create this thread to share all your guest interactions (good and bad) from over the weekend!
  2. I'm not sure at what point I'll tell u that I stole the winter is coming line from the official Winter LFCC poster that was up this weekend lol still an awesome reference though!
  3. Cannot wait for this! Who's definitely going?
  4. mumble queues grumble queues ... haha in all seriousness, had an amazing day on Sat at my first ever LFCC! No real complaints at all, bring on the Winter LFCC (89 Days I believe)
  5. I just wanna say I have no complaints at all, absolutely loved every aspect of my day....just trying to play devils advocate and see where possible future issues may arise from!
  6. Hey everyone, Hope you all had amazing weekends! My friends have done a video with footage from the Saturday and Sunday including a LOT of people in cosplay! Hopefully you find it interesting.
  7. Absolutely amazing, with T2 my favourite film of all time I loved seeing the display, will they be back for the winter LFCC (see what i did there lol)
  8. I think the problem with early bird pre paid and paying on the door is what's stopping people with pre paid tickets joining the shorter "pay on the door queue" and then just getting in once the doors open. For example, when I got there at 7:30am on Saturday the pre paid queue was longer than pay on the day queue, what was stopping me joining pay on day queue and beating the pre paid queue?
  9. Great review, I also didn't notice the heat inside either though...I was fine and in a pair of jeans but suppose everyone is different :) my review can be found here if you wouldn't mind 2 mins of your time http://binarycore.org/2013/07/07/lfcc-2013-review-by-james-stopford/
  10. ...90 days until WINTER LFCC!! Winter is coming P.S for those that haven't, please check out my review of this weekend at http://binarycore.org/2013/07/07/lfcc-2013-review-by-james-stopford/ thanks
  11. Thank you for the feedback, is really appreciated....MrsEllacott ur review is amazing! Glad u had such a good day!
  12. Was a really awesome idea and worked well, my friends gone back today to (hopefully) win the signed Firefly script! Small bit of confusion when we checked mid afternoon and his number had been used on various items...not sure if number given out twice or someone being a but mischievous....
  13. Hi everybody, Hope you all had a fantastic weekend like myself! I've done a quick review of my experience at my first ever LFCC which can be found here - http://binarycore.org/2013/07/07/lfcc-2013-review-by-james-stopford/ Would really appreciate any feedback etc from this article and I hope to see u all again in the winter :-)
  14. Don't think I'll be sleeping much on the Friday night so going to try and get to LFCC as early as possible on the Sat morning...anyone going to be queuing from a ridiculously early time or will I be out there on my own?
  15. You mean to tell me it's not this person doing all the post? In all seriousness, thanks very much to the organisers doing all the hard work so we can attend an event like this. Really looking forward to my first LFCC!!!
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