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  1. Here is a new link for it kids! Revamped!! http://youtu.be/Be1mA_5Md3s Had a great time, look forward to seeing you in the future. Stay safe, be well! P
  2. Awwww shucks you guys! Thanks. I really enjoyed meeting you all. Thanks for all your kindness and yeah I really enjoyed the talk too. I like hogging the Mic anyway!! Cheers all!!
  3. Thanks to everyone! Had a great time! Really loved having my talk with te fans and was actually glad that Kristiana was a no show, so u could talk my head off. Thanks JJ for the beer etc. you rock man! Hope to see you all again!!
  4. Thanks to all you fans who came by to talk and at the photoshoots. And thanks for the gifts as well. The UK folks have proven to be the nicest bunch out of all the cons I've attended. Special thanks to Jason and the Showmasters crew for bringing me out and for running such an incredible tight ship!!
  5. Stepping on the bug bird and crossing the pond to old Blighty! Comin to ya! Hasta la Vista
  6. Wait a sec!! Redjohn- did you just call me an old timer!?!! WTF?! That'll cost you 5 beer!
  7. Nickey- yes and a LOT! I I have some great and hilarious stories from Predator. And Raw Deal. Red it was a great shoot. About a million years ago. Got great stories there too.,... Coming to London now
  8. Jaaaa! I am on my to da Ayer-port now. Coming to Terminate you all! Seriously it'll be great to see you folks. Thanks for all your kind comments. Getting on the plane to London now!!!
  9. Noooo! Another buddy? You all will have to take me out for bevvies. Ill be lonely....
  10. Ach! Verily doth it suck! Was hoping to see my old buddy. Getting in the plane now!! You are all Terminated!! :-)
  11. You'll just have to have Linda, myself Rbt Patrick and possibly Eddie -if he's a good boy- back next year to pull this popular one off!! :-)
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