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  1. It'll be refunded soon, I know a refund of mine has taken about two weeks in the past. Not sure who you're meant to contact, so hopefully a moderator can direct you with who to talk to.
  2. I never offer my hand unless they offer first. I don't want to make the guest uncomfortable. But I had a lovely time talking to Peter, and I would love to see him again.
  3. probably won't get any for a while since Showmasters will be doing a lot of stuff related to the previous event. Although I'm pretty excited too for new annoucements!
  4. the black spikey haired guy next to Reedus was Sean, his personal appearance manager. He also does work for Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Berthnal and a few other guests. Super top guy c:
  5. This always magically appears so I thought I'd start it off. In the Sunday afternoon Norman Reedus photo queue, a slightly drunk man was behind me and another Reedus fan (who magically found each other on twitter). He was with anyother man who left the queue and mentioned his friend (a female Underworld cosplayer) being slightly heatstroked outside. Also managed to persuade him to do a 'flip off' pose with Reedus. If you're reading this, get a goddamn forum account and post your photo. Anyway, that's mine done. Hopefully I won't be alone.
  6. All guests were sweet, but I loved Sarah Callies and Norman Reedus. Sarah was really happy people were saying such nice things about her on social media. The latter is very very very huggy and will talk for ages. He seemed so interested in you and introduced himself to everyone. And Peter Dinklage was very polite and really friendly.
  7. to me, the whole idea of pre-paid is to avoid queues. I didn't have to queue with mine thank goodness. went Sunday. Really surprised at the open queues for Reedus and Peter Dinklage, and met both in five minutes. Also met Sarah Wayne Callies and her queue was super short as well. I love Sundays because they are so much easier for me. I had one photo shoot with Reedus which I'd paid for on the day. With number 311 I thought I would have to wait a while but nope, there were no batch number called on the afternoon shoot which was great for me but unfair to those with low numbers. But it all worked out fine in that way and made some queue buddies. Instant printing was great, I love my photo so so sooo much. Guests were AMAZING. Peter was a sweetheart, really endearing and funny. Sarah was so sweet, she shook my hand and we had a really nice chat about her English family. And the Reedus; holy hell man. After he cancelled last year I was worried I'd never meet him but Jason, and everyone else needs doughnuts or something because this guy made my day. Hugged me tons, kissed my hand and somehow bit me(?!?!?!?!?!) he was so genuine and it really makes me want to meet him again. Also, anyone who had their Sunday afternoon photoshoot with him: HE WAS WEARING A BRACELET I MADE HIM. Stalls were great, cosplay talk was great. I had no problems and thank you to the crew member (red shirt, obviously stressed haha) who allowed me to quickly give Norman a card when I had forgotten to during the signing. Photo shoot cre in area A were very lovely as well.
  8. there could possibly be a mass effect group put together for lfcc, so far i'm planning a femShepard n7 armour cosplay and i have the templates all ready to go, it's just a matter of time and effort in actually getting this done and made. so far there's me, another girl going as tali and possibly a samara. would love to see a garrus or thane, i know people are so talented with everything so yeah~
  9. Hi there, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this! I'm so happy you got a message from Norman because you deserve it. I cannot believe I'm on his blog now, I really can't! Thanks for making this happen. - Sasha
  10. Well the only train we can get in gets there at 10:01 and Hayden's shoot is at 10:05. The tube from kings cross to the venue shouldn't be more than twenty five minutes right? Then we have to upgrade our tickets on the door and there will be a massive queue. AOIJSAOKHDJADJAH HELP
  11. when Jason says a 'biggy' though my hopes aren't up... but that's because I just know it won't be anyone that I want to meet. *weeps*
  12. The Hunger Games talk at CMMK for £10 was dead. God help the talks for LFCC, I'm really not happy
  13. This is actually quite a nice article since the con circuit does tend to get a bit of a bashing. Thanks Liam O'Brien!
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