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  1. walker_within

    Guest Suggestions

    Natalie Dormer
  2. walker_within

    Guest Suggestions

    The Walking Dead: Michael Rooker Emily Kinney Jeffrey DeMunn Andrew J West Tovah Feldshuh Melissa Ponzio Jose Pablo Cantillo Brighton Sharbino Kyla Kennedy Jason Douglas Ann Mahoney (I've avoided the current main cast as they'll likely be filming) Fear The Walking Dead: Kim Dickens Cliff Curtis Alycia Debnam Carey Mercedes Mason Frank Dillane Lorenzo James Henrie Elizabeth Rodriguez Colman Domingo Michelle Ang Game of Thrones: Anyone who wasn't at the con this year Lost: Jorge Garcia Maggie Grace Ian Somerhalder Elizabeth Mitchell Henry Ian Cusick Daniel Dae Kim Marvel: Evangeline Lilly Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Sebastian Stan Doctor Who: Maureen O'Brien Jackie Lane Christopher Eccleston Bruno Langley Camille Coduri Freema Agyeman Karen Gillan Alex Kingston Jenna Coleman Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi Torchwood: Naoko Mori Burn Gorman Alexa Havins Mekhi Phifer Sarah Jane Adventures: Tommy Knight Daniel Anthony Yasmin Paige
  3. walker_within

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Karen Gillan Alex Kingston Jenna Coleman Pearl Mackie Michael Rooker Jeffrey DeMunn Emily Kinney Tovah Feldshuh Andrew J West
  4. walker_within

    Gold pass included photo shoot update

    No, otherwise it would have been mentioned. Strictly speaking the vouchers have now been turned into talk vouchers. I just don't see how it makes any difference what so ever whether it is used on a £10 guest or on a £20 guest and the difference is paid. The gold pass seems to be rapidly decreasing in value as the only benefit nowadays seems to be the ability to queue whenever.
  5. walker_within

    Gold pass included photo shoot update

    Is there no chance of us be able to use the two £10 photo vouchers for a guest who costs more than £10? I don't really see how it makes much difference who they are used on, and I don't go to talks so at the moment I'll basically just have wasted £20.
  6. walker_within

    Guest Suggestions

    A spontaneous last minute The Walking Dead guest would be brilliant
  7. walker_within

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL EMERSON

    Three Lost guests at one event is insane! Can't wait to meet him though.
  8. walker_within

    Guest Suggestions

    Karen Gillan Alex Kingston Jenna Coleman
  9. walker_within

    Latest Guest Announcement - BONNIE LANGFORD

    I've wanted to meet Bonnie for ages, seemed to keep missing her beforehand so this is great news! Would love to see Carole Ann Ford announced to join her; one of the only other classic companions I haven't met.
  10. walker_within

    Cool Guest Announcement tomorrow @ 7PM

    Richard Armitage has a bacon number of 2 so I'm going with him.
  11. walker_within

    Cool Guest Announcement tomorrow @ 7PM

    i would love to meet Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey DeMunn Me too, Jeffrey did a signing in the UK a few years back though so I guess that rules him out :/
  12. walker_within

    Cool Guest Announcement tomorrow @ 7PM

    Technically Andrew Lincoln would be a first time signer... It's so not him though
  13. walker_within

    Guest Suggestions

    Highly unlkely due to The Walking Dead filming, but he is in Cornwall at the minute so... Andrew Lincoln