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  1. Is there a separate Gold Pass entrance like there is in the Summer? And if so is it in the usual place?
  2. I've been very lucky with guests not being the very last photoshoot of the day previously so I guess it was bound to happen at some point. Samantha Morton is definitely worth waiting for though!
  3. Loving how many of the Night's Watch you've got for this con! Ben Crompton, Owen Teale and James Cosmo would be very welcome additions!
  4. Awesome guest! Keeping my fingers crossed it's meant to be this time...
  5. Taking a shot in the dark but possibly Tosin Cole? SM had him before for being in Star Wars but now he's main in Doctor Who
  6. For someone who was extremely busy all weekend, he was an extremely pleasant guest. As said earlier in the thread, he took the time to chat to everyone and the experience meeting him didn't seem rushed even though he had hundreds to get through. My friend and I were extremely lucky in meeting him on Saturday without a DP. From the sound of it we were likely the only non-DP holders who managed to get an autograph. Lucky timing I guess?
  7. Met Alex at her theatre stage door earlier in the year and she was so lovely! Still need her on my Doctor Who companions poster so I've booked a Saturday diamond pass. Very excited!
  8. Really hoping for a last minute Game of Thrones guest, especially someone from the main 7... Peter Dinklage Emilia Clarke Kit Harington Lena Headey Maisie Williams Sophie Turner Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
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