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  1. There is Ron Perlman was in the TV series
  2. Just a query will there be any Beauty and the Beast pic at LFCC
  3. OMG OMG Tom again it's gonna be another great guest to see again. Well done guys be great to speak about new shows with him and hopefully talk bit longer
  4. She is a genuine person who loves her fans and as you saw she liked to talk, she really worked hard and tried to speak to all that she could.
  5. Ooh It's going to be good it would be great to have someone from Big Bang theory but it will be nice whoever just hope I can afford,things
  6. Awwww I think I'm gonna have to up my overdraft lol more great guests SM
  7. I think we should get some Transformers guests. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker would be awesome. As a wife of a ginormous transformers fan, it would be great for my hubby.
  8. :coolthumb:OOOOhh that's a good one X The guests that I would like would have to be:- Dominic Monaghan Orlando Bloom Sean Bean Sir Ian McKellan Viggo Mortensen And many more from LOTR David Duchovny Gillian Anderson (I know she has been before) Mitch Pileggi Nicholas Lea and many more NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!! ANY Grimm & Arrow cast. Game of Thrones guests apart from the ones that are there Merlin celebs Colin Morgan Bradley James Angel Coulby Kate McGrath Santiago Cabrera (Heroes too) Maybe some transformers guests :) NOT Michael Bay
  9. Hi is there a specific entrance that crew staff need to go in, and Stuart I would love to apply for MK but transport is a problem as I don't drive, is there any other way to get there, that preferably wont cost me lots.
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