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  1. This is one of my favourite guest announcements in a very long time :-D
  2. I am so so excited by this announcement! I've been waiting for ages for the chance to meet Jessie :-D
  3. I'm hoping it's the purple wedding episode! Last year's screening was fantastic and definitely worth the £20. Peter and his "dead, dead" everyone a character came on the screen that had since as well the reference to Theon had me in in stitches
  4. This is such an awesome announcement!! I have been waited a long time to meet him and to get my cast picture signed :-D
  5. This announcement has made my day! Totally love the show and can't wait to meet Jack :-D
  6. Following tonight's announcement of Jack Donnelly I'd like to suggest more of the cast along with some of the awesome crew that work on the show...including Harry potter star Chris Rankin who has helped to create one of my favourite shows :-D I'd love to meet Sarah Parish, Mark Addy, Robert Emma & Jemima Roofer especially
  7. Im really excited about Peter coming to the show, I've met him twice at stage doors when I saw him in Hamlet and Coriolanus which both times he was just fantastic.
  8. Well said, maybe someone should pitch this to him lol haha yes let's do this! Well seeing as this weekend is my birthday weekend I see it only right to get drunk with my favourite Welshman!
  9. My husband and I had the pleasure to meet John at a charity football match he organised two years ago to raise awareness of testicular cancer. It was an England v's Wales match of ex footballers and celebs including our very own Kai Owen :-)
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