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  1. I've filled in the form on the website for some assistance for DST 2019 but I've not had nothing back so far so am not sure I've got on the list for assistance ? can anyone help ?
  2. If you want a cheaper alternative there is a premier inn within walking distance
  3. I want to add my thanks at having a great surprise of my pre-ordered autos arrive at the weekend - I wasn't expecting them so soon after the event so thanks to all for making it happen so fast - mine were all personalised too which was amazing!!
  4. Usually if you talk to one of the crew on the day they will point you in the right direction. I also have a question about extra help if there is someone I can contact over it
  5. After my last experience at a collectomania I was partly dreading going to another one but I must say I'm glad I did!! Firstly want to thank all the staff who volunteered they all were pretty well informed particularly for those like myself with mobility issues. You were all super helpful with getting me access to a chair when I needed one it made my day a lot better. Loved the layout - mostly there was plenty of space around for queues Secondly I want to give a massive thank you to all the guests - they were really great. cons for me as mentioned the amount of toilets - would also have been nice to have some healthier options for food but I get used to that at cons. I hope showmasters consider doing one at this venue again!!
  6. When did you email? beginning of this week
  7. Have tried dropping an email to the email given above but had no reply yet - do you know how long they usually take to respond?
  8. I would first like to thank all the guests who attended who we all fabulous. Some made me laugh when I was beginning to struggle which help make the weekend for me. I would also like to give a big thank you to all the staff, especially those who did their best to find me chairs when I was struggling to stand in the queues. Also thanks to the staff that gave myself and my mum the extra help on saturday to get one autograph - you know who you are and I know you must have been very busy
  9. Overall I managed to get a lot more than I expected autograph wise. All the guests were fabulous!! My main issues: 1) my package said that I would get auto priority and put as near to the front as possible, which seemed to be the back of the queue - also the included prop shoot with the package wasn't very mobility accessible - I needed someone to help me on and off the set and my mum(who is in a wheelchair) could not have the shoot at all 2) as I have mobility problems the lack of chairs anywhere in the hall was a big problem as the fact that with the mobility form I was told I wouldn't need to queue for more than 5 minutes which again wasn't the case - I struggled especially on saturday will the length of queues and standing due to the lack of chairs. I must admit the staff did their best to find me a seat but it wasn't always possible 3) the lack of eating/drinking facilities without having to exit the hall was a problem. 4) the distance between some of the prop shoots meant that trying to get a wheelchair anywhere near was almost impossible This being said I did have a great time !
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