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    thats a shame wouldve been great to have him there..not complaining though..this con is goin to be amazing
  2. awww ive started skipping the rude bits cause i just love the story of christian but each to their own,i found it to be captivating,wish there were more than 3 books :)
  3. Rhianydd-yes it is..i totally agree-its appropriate..Holly-im sure she can edit + Gillianre,no???why???i think she would complete this convention :)
  4. ive heard shes a massive twilight fan and her books are so good..any chance she could read some of Fifty Shades to us?? I would love to get my copy signed
  5. shabzk7


    im really happy that Tyson has been announced but im still keeping my hopes up for jamie,i really,really wanna see him,please get jamie xxx
  6. I LOVE DAMON- Is that you wendy??its me dynamosparks,you can ask me anything if i know the answer ill help you,its not annoying,but im not an expert either theres other people that will help if i cant,dont forget,me,you and nic on the dance floor!!!
  7. U LOVE DAMON- me and your daughter can girly scream over Kiowa together :) what do you need help with? Everyones really friendly so do what i do..ask loads of questions :)
  8. Just wanted to say..im still really overly excited about meeting Kiowa!!!whoooooo
  9. Hoho...how long did you have to waitat the prem?? Did u camp out??
  10. shabzk7


    Thus year im gna go to the BD premiere..i wanna meet everyone
  11. Yes jean your right-- wat was i thinking.i claim temporary insanity,throw me in the asylum with Alice..TEAM EDWARD 4EVA
  12. shabzk7


    Yeh his band too Even better!!i love seeing his quirky tweets..would be amazing to say iv met him!! JAMIE,JAMIE,JAMIE (crazily chanting will sitting on the bus :/)
  13. shabzk7


    I was sure there was a thread already started about Jamie but i cant find it so i probably imagined it..i know ive asked for Rob or Taylor and im now goin to come across as spoiled verrucca from willy wonkers chocolate factory but i also want to meet JCB,hes soo cool+ Camelot is one of my favourite tv series ever(cried when it was discontinued)..anyway,any chance of gettin him to ET8?Ive read peoples posts about how nice he was and how epic he was during the guests talks..anyway,just a though :/
  14. Just read that post...myths and legends-class idea and docs and nurses :)
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