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  1. My sister and I are planning Gabriel and Balthazar, so hopefully we'll see you there! Its looking like I'll definitely be there with my friends as Fem!Sam and Bobby and my mom will be blonde Meg if all goes to plan! This my fem Dean, but I'll be wearing jeans for October and hopefully better boots as these are literally falling apart lol! My Fem!Dean is based off of a fanart. This just happens to be my fave picture, I mean.. I couldn't possibly explain why XP! with Jeans: Which days you going? I could plan a fem!Castiel I'm unsure which day I'm gonna attend yet , I only know it's gonna be one day. Fem!Cas would be cool! I've got a Bobby, fem!Sam and blonde Meg in my mini group! I ill be changing my jeans to boot cut ones at some point for comfort. And heres your fem!Sam! Minus jacket&tattoo
  2. Texted my mum to beg her to let me go Sunday now.. :3 Eeekkk I met her when I was about seven, I need to meet her again!!
  3. Thank you so so so so much for putting on these events - the only regret I have is not getting into Twilight sooner so I could have met Ashley at ET1! Meeting all the Twilight stars and new friends has changed me for the better and I'm sad it's ending, but I know I'll meet up with all my friends sometime :) <3
  4. Ashley Greene pleeeeeaaasssseeee (: <3 It will make my life! (and I'm not even kidding)
  5. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift...only 'cause I'm obsessed with that song ahahah. Loads from the Twilight Soundtracks! (New for You by Reeve Carney... eek! Although not very dancey... )
  6. Me and my mum usually go out to the NEC and get a Subway, or the airport (go to the train station - theres a sky train/monorail to the airport) for Wetherspoons. The airport's got a Frankie and Benny's, Burger King, Spar, Costa Coffee, M&S food and other things :) I usually have a pizza in the bar at the Hilton on one night though :)
  7. Thanks SO much ME, it's so great of you :) Can't wait to see the new guests! I managed to pay for this myself (I got a job just in time), otherwise I wouldn't be able to go
  8. The Loch Ness monster line is in the book, which was why it was included
  9. Might be doing Yoshi from Mario or Tails from Sonic.. :'D
  10. I'll try not to look awkward in this one (if they have one) like I did in the one at ET8.. XD
  11. Thanks SO much! I literally died today..and yesterday...when the guests were announced, I was SO excited (I still am!)
  12. you met BooBoo, it's not your first convention ok, but it's not the same for everybody... i never meet him as so much fan! stop to think only for you all the time, try to help people to realize their dreams... She's not thinking about herself, she's thinking of the majority of people who have already met him. I love BooBoo too but I've met him twice now, I'd prefer a new guest over him. It's our opinions, we're not saying that everyone who wants him is wrong :) I'd LOVE Ashley Greene to come to a convention but I don't see the point in making a thread because I know they get who they can and Ashley is very busy most of the time. People saying they don't want her isn't stopping me from realizing my dreams, as they're not stopping SM from trying to get her :)
  13. Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Rami Malek, Lee Pace. Oh and Michael Sheen. Oops... thats 6
  14. I always wish I went to ET1 (didn't find out about ET Cons until just before ET2), as I would have met Ashley&Peter, who were on my "top meet list". So I've met 2 out of my 3 top meets and I haven't been disappointed with either! (the second is Jackson, who was lovely when I met him :) ). Anywaaysss. Peter was just so nice, I added my mum's name to the personalisation and he asked which one i was, I said that my mum wasn't feeling too great and we chatted for a bit, he was so sweet! Then in the photo we had to pick our poses really quick, and just before the photo was taken I whispered "can I have a hug?" and he said "sure you can" and hugged me...what a hugger..ahah XD But my whole experience with meeting him all weekend was so nice, I think I've sent about 1000000000 thank you tweets to him because I'm just so grateful for his efforts!! :) Just a shame about mobbing at the parties and people sending nasty tweets, they clearly don't appreciate how tired he was, and that he's human like the rest of us and needs space to breathe! :)
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