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  1. Holly


    I should think it'll be up Wednesday or Thursday :)
  2. Hi everyone my friend will be driving us to ET8. Do we book our overnight parking with the hotel in advance? or do we just sort it out when we get there?
  3. Nothing is official, but they'll either be £10 or £15 each, £20 possibly for Peter but I doubt it :)
  4. Don't worry yet guys, why would SM/ME email anyone about it? :/ I'm subscribed to the forum and I haven't heard anything,
  5. Whats wrong with using plastic wallets? all of my auto's and photo's are kept in them :|
  6. I'm just relieved I can finally start buying things now!
  7. Hi! When you register you get a convention pack that has 8x10 photo's of each guest that you can get signed if you want. There will be a dealers room open all weekend, they'll have more photo prints if you don't like the ones provided. That's what I normally do anyway. You can also buy clear plastic wallets to put your autographs in to keep them safe :) photo's aren't expensive, something like 4 for £10. You can get anything signed though! DVDs, movie companions, your Twilight books!
  8. Saw them when they performed at ET6, enjoy guys, they were fab
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