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    Just popping in to say Hi, hope you're all doing well xx
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    4 days off work visiting lovely Yorkshire with glorious sunshine
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    I'm doing good too Yes! Relaxed at the cabin with lots of sun
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    For a second there I was wondering why you watched 'Hook'
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    Had a very busy yet satisfying Easter
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    Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks for a splash reunion!
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    Yes it's been a bit quiet on that front recently, let's hope for some coming soon! :)
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    These must be the only 2 happy gifs out there
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    (I tried finding a happy hugh dancy gif first but apparently he's too fond of playing sad, troubled characters...)
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    Awww. Look at the cute kitten!
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    I'd love to meet the following people this year: Dolph Lundgren Natalie Dormer Liam Cunningham Cassady McClincy James and Oliver Phelps Kristofer Hivju Joey Keery
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    Kit Harrington Sean Bean Matt Smith Tom Baker Bonnie Wright Evenna Lynch Oscar Isaac Daisy Ridley Ben Affleck
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    Adrian Edmondson Nigel Planer
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    I'm trying to keep my money together. Therefore I told myself "just one Funko!" and bought Vegeta from DBZ. I wasn't really into that funko thing at this time and didn't knew how many of them are out there. I bet even know I can't fathom the diversity out there. Well, of course Vegeta isn't my only Funko by now but I ended up just buying ones of my favorite characters from different shows or movies. Right now I have: Vegeta & Muten Roshi from DBZ, Peter Quill & Iron Man from the MCU, Lupin, Draco & Luna from Harry Potter, Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, Jack Sparrow from POTC, Negan from TWD, Patrick Star from Spongebob and Tormund from Game of Thrones. A pretty small and ordinarily collection. I'm very impressed by the dedication most of you put in their collection!
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    Karen Gillan. Karen Gillan. Karen Gillan. Karen Gillan and Karen Gillan. And since this would be really awesome: KAREN GILLAN.
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    Yeah had a good relaxing Easter cheers raylenth this time resisting the urge to buy choccy eggs and stuff em all at once and being sick
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    Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal for a When Harry Met Sally reunion!
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    Tom Ellis, lesley-ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, d.b. Woodside, pretty much all the Lucifer cast please! Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace Aaaand because it's been at least a week since I last said his name, Henry Cavill
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    Here goes then....... Reunions for the following:- Dog Soldiers, original 'V', Farscape, Sliders, Mad Max. And on a personal note............Daryl Hannah, Cynthia Gibb, Lynda Carter, Stacey Haiduk, Annette O'Toole, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mary Stuart Masterson, Bridget Fonda
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    Ian McKellen gave me a chocolate!* *threw into the audience and I caught it
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