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    Ian McKellen on my LOTR Poster! He signed above Aragorn, but he’s on there so who cares!
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    Even though it will never happen I'm gonna say it every year: Mark Hamill Further you can always make me happy with: -Andy Serkis -Rupert Grint -Simon Pegg -Any main actors from Game of Thrones -Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, Karen Gillan
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    Because it’s the 20th anniversary of Futurama I’d love for some of the cast to attend LFCC this year Billy West John DiMaggio Katey Sagel Phil LaMarr Lauren Tom Maurice LaMarche Tress MacNeille Frank Welker
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    Just booked bus tickets, a Saturday entry ticket and a Tom Baker diamond pass. Looking forward to seeing you all at the event.
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    Patrick avoided me 2 times have tried to stalk him haha So I may have to pay at a con.... But I grabbed Ian last time he did theatre and he helped me announce my baby girl was coming into the world :-D he was rather nice to say the least!
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    Always looking out for you, lil sis.
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    If he does the Bear Hunt is on cause we all know who jinxed it.
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    Ok. Going to be doing more in one day than I did on three days at LFCC last July. This list could still change. Tom Baker (DP) John Simmons (DP) Bernard Cribbins (DP) George Lazenby (DP) Sylvester McCoy - photo, auto Vinette Robinson - photo Bernard Cribbins/Jacqueline King - photo Keith Allen - photo maybe auto David Warner - photo maybe auto
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    Latest Guest Announcement - Iain Glen Appearing: Saturday Autograph: £25 Photo Shoot: £25 Diamond Pass: £80 - 1x Auto 1x Photo 1x Gift Tickets Available Now - http://bit.ly/LCCSp19 *Game of Thrones - Jorah Mormont *Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Dr. Isaacs *Resident Evil: Extinction - Dr. Isaacs *Resident Evil: Apocalypse - Dr. Isaacs *Dr Who - Octavian *Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Manfred Powell *Downtown Abbey - Sir Richard Carlisle *Kick Ass 2 - Uncle Ralph *Spooks - Vaughan Edwards https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322513/
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    Ian McDiarmid David Suchet Laura Dern Mädchen Amick Lara Flynn Boyle Hannah Murray Stephen Lang Jason O’Mara
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    I got autographs from Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, DB Woodside, Tricia Helfer, Kevin Alejandro, Joe Henderson, Ildy Modrovich and Charlie Cox. All from January. :)
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    I think I will get a diamond pass if there are any left when I next get paid.
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    Only three weeks!
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    I’m really hoping for some more game of thrones guests like emilia clarke Sophie Turner Kit Harrington Maisie Williams Peter Dinklage Natalie Dormer Lena Headey Nikolaj Coster- Waldau Nathalie Emmanuel
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    Same here! See you in the queue then!
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    Somehow I'm not surprised saw this coming
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    I'd say we could all put in together and buy an LFCC hangout pad for ourselves, but even then we could probably only afford a broom cupboard so would have to fight over who get to use it - and start off some sort of Battle Royale where the last person standing gets ownership.
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    So that's why he's gonna eat me
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    Would love Ray Winstone, mainly for Robin of Sherwood, but for so many other things too. Any of the cast of Sliders would be great too And without a shadow of a doubt, more Lost guests. Matthew Fox and definatly Josh Holloway
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