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    I have no money I’ve just bought one of these and a Nintendo Switch and games And I’m not working!
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    Well this has cheered me up. After 6 weeks of waiting 'my boys' have finally arrived. Just need to get the Jodie version then I will be complete.
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    I want to be Reg, oh wait...
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    In case anyone needs some toilet roll!
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    I've got something Peter related later on in the year. Not going to jinx it by saying more. Just in case it gets cancelled. Expect the worst, hope for the best is my motto.
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    Which one are you looking at? And I got this
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    There is a 'make an offer' button
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    Can't understand why someone wants to sell this. I would treasure it forever if it was mine (but I am not paying £950 for it).
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    Oh no why did you have to show me these!
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    I was surprised i got mines.... its like the Hunger games trying to get holidays.. especially fridays / sat and mondays. May the odds be ever in your favour!
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    I think we are traumatising the children
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    Yeeessss, "stroking".
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    I don't know what you mean.....
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    There might be a lot of stroking, picking up and admiring of one in particular....
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    I am going to have to pace myself during this shut down. Today I washed the car. Tomorrow I think I will sort out the kitchen cupboards. The excitement!
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    When you get the last roll in the supermarket
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    This looks like it might bite you on the bum!
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    Yeah and this time I gotta
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    Price tag schmice tag. Sometimes you just gotta.
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    I think I know what it is, but I’m not going to say anything in case I jinx it!
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    Showmasters rec these guys so this was on their page
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    Ahh Mads I thought you would get him or Benedict!
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    That reminds me. Better book the days off work.
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    Managed to get days off work. Normally just go to LFCC in july but have this on radar now too due to current situation.
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    These seem familiar.... I was going to say you do but I heard it in my head as Crowley. Is that good or bad?
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    They really plan to take over Olympia all of the time
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    It Takes You Away- I really wanted to like this one. It is by far the most creative series 11 gets, and I'll give it credit for trying something so unique, but it's ruined in its execution. Once again, Bradley Walsh is the only one of the leads who makes a positive impact, with more on that in a bit. Jodie gets some good moments, such as when she gets to interact with The Solitract, but Tosin and Mandeep are pushed aside once again. Ellie Wallwork does a good job as Hanne, but Christian Rubeck gets wasted as Erik. Despite the weaknesses of the script, none of the acting sounds out as particularly bad, in fact everyone was quite good. This episode is high concept, but places more attention on that than the characters. A story's core is the characters, and it is only as strong as they are. Unfortunately, Hanne and Erik aren't well developed, especially Erik. There's an intriguing set-up with him, but his character goes nowhere. Ribbons was completely pointless. The Antizone is visually interesting, but that's about it. The story really picks up once the characters enter the mirror universe. Graham's interactions with Grace are the best thing about this episode in my opinion. The way it explores his grief is brilliant to watch. This human drama is what grounds Doctor Who, and this is what the most recent series' have been missing. Character exploration is what makes a show like this work best, but Graham is the only one who really gets any sort of an arc in this series. The scenes between The Doctor and the Solitract are also great. This episode throws some crazy concepts at the viewer, and for the most part they work, but beyond the showiness of the visuals, the script really isn't up to par in my eyes. The episode looks gorgeous, but that can only do so much when the characters are flat and the pacing is weak. There's some very effective moments spread throughout this episode, but as a whole it doesn't work. A lot of people love this episode, and I'm glad they do, but it isn't up to my standard. Overall- 4/10.
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    Camille Coduri Shaun Dingwall Catherine Tate Freema Agyeman Sir Derek Jacobi John Simm Michelle Ryan  Lindsay Duncan Matt Smith Karen Gillan James Corden Suranne Jones Mark Williams Samuel Anderson Matt Lucas Maisie Williams Georgia Moffett Ian Mcniece Anette Baland Jemma Redgrave Jodie Whittaker Mandip Gill Tosin Cole Bradley Walsh
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    The excitement got to me and I had to go and have a lie down.
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    Someone has to ask. Why only half? Are you saving the rest for another day's excitement? I worry for the day I look longingly at my wheelie bins and decide they need a good clean!
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    Yeah ok thank you.
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    Not too bad thanks!
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    Hi Everyone With the world in flux at this time we just wanted to make clear our plans for this years Summer LFCC and Winter LCC and bring you all up to date with where we are as a company and how things are going in general. First off we plan to run London Film and Comic Con on July 24th, 25th and 26th. We will be keeping an eye on the spread of the virus over the next weeks ahead and will keep you informed of any changes. We should hopefully know where we are all at by the end of May or beginning of June. We will say,however, that this Summers LFCC will have a reduced footprint as some of the film releases that we had planned to have at the event have been moved and some of the other activities we had planned would need a greater run in time than we will have had this year. This means we will not need as much space as previous years. Also, other events that are held in the same venue are needing help to change their earlier dates, so giving up some of the rooms we use to help others just seemed to be the right thing to do this year! We had planned to announce at this years LFCC Summer our winter date for London Comic Con 2020, but with all the rearranging of dates going on we feel it’s better to announce this event now so other events can avoid it! So London Comic Con Winter will be held on 21st & 22nd of November at Olympia and we plan it to be a big event with some of the big film activities we had planned to bring to LFCC in the summer now moving to our winter event in Nov! So there is lots to still look forward to, the web page and facebook page will be live soon. We want you all to know that Showmasters is in a good solid place! We are a stable and sensible company so we will be with you through this and afterwards. All our main office staff are still employed and they will be until this passes. They have all been sent home to protect themselves but they are all ready to get going as soon as it’s safe and sensible to do so. The thing that makes us very different from many of the big events companies, and we think is one of our biggest assets, is we are all dedicated fans! We don't run Showmasters and Massive Events to just make lots of money. We do it to meet the guests we want to meet and run amazing events we can all be proud of and share with other fans. So, we very much look forward to celebrating with you the passing of these harsh times with some incredible guests announcement as soon as we are all in the clear! We have been talking to guests that we have wanted to bring to our events and as filming has stopped now and these productions will take much longer to get going again than normal due to the lack of studio stages, it is looking very promising and we are working to lock down some of the guests ASAP, so that will be exciting and give us all something to look forward to on the guest front. So our message to you is stay safe, take care of your family and we will see you all soon where we can once again create some fun times and amazing memories together. Take really good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe Jason and the Showmasters family
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    Ok thanks. You?
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    It's not being postponed. See Blammo's post in the other thread
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    Gravity. George Clooney is great. Sandra Bullock is kind of annoying and whiny - and a bit useless for someone sent into space. But, this was non-stop action with great visuals and fantastic music, and best of all was only 90 minutes long.
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    It kinda seems like you've just shoved everything behind your bed. That's cheating. I think if most of us here tried a forward roll, we would be dead now, so you did ok.
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    Little Ron! Maid Marian and her Merry Men is officially the best TV show of the 1990s. that is all. awesome :)
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    No they forget some of our order! Rang up and it turns out they’d took it off the menu, not told anyone but charged us for it anyway!
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