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    If we're putting in requests to Santa David Tennant Peter Capaldi P.S I have been good (ish) Thanks
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    Yes, rest of the cast from American Werewolf In London Tom Bell from Dad Tom Savini John Carpenter William Friedkin and Exorcist cast reunion
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    would love to meet any of the supergirl cast, my favourite show melissa benoist would be amazing katie mcgrath ( very popular for merlin as well), chyler leigh, david harewood, jeremy jordan, mechad brooks, chris wood, are all very popular jodie whittaker, david tennant, matt smith or jenna louise colemen would be great for doctor who guests i havent seen´╗┐
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    Also a late happy birthday (yesterday) to our favorite old companion
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    Some more actors from the classic era of Doctor Who would be wonderful. Anneke Wills Frazer Hines John Levene Katy Manning Janet Fielding Nicola Bryant Sophie Aldred Paul McGann And also anyone else from the show. Tony Todd Doug Bradley Rob Zombie Tyler Mane Malcolm McDowell John Carpenter Jamie Lee Curtis Nick Castle James Jude Courtney
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    Confirmation: The Batch System has now been added for the Diamond Guests that were previously missing it as well. Anyone who does not have a Batch number on their order for a Diamond Pass is Batch 1.
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    John McEnroe Bjorn Borg Boris Becker Billie Jean King Martina Navratilova Arsenal players from the 1970's and the Invincibles Kenny Daglish Sir Alex Ferguson Eric Cantona Zinadine Zidane Dave Boy Green Joe Calzaghe Lennox Lewis Jimmy Lennon JR Michael Buffer David Hate Jo Bugner Lloyd Honeyghan Chris Eubank Jr Chris Eubank Sr Prince Naseem Ahmed Amir Khan Connor Benn Nicky Piper Alexander Povetkin Richie Woodhall Duke Mckenzie Wladimir Klitschko Butterball Sugar Ray Leonard Pac man George Foreman Mike Tyson James Buster Douglas Evander Holyfield Riddick Bowe Oscar De La Hoya Thomas Hearne Larry Holmes George Chuvalo Sarnie Shavers Michael Spinks James Toney Don King Steve Davies Stephen Hendry
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    GUEST SUGGESTIONS: Natalie Alyn Lind Charlie Sheen Michael J Fox Mark Hamill Tom Ellis Melissa Benoist Kaley Cuoco Jim Parsons Jeff Goldblum
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    If something is implemented yes, of course those who have bought will have priority. I have asked for confirmation.
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    Yeah you don't have to worry about spoilers from me. I'm of the opinion that everyone should go into everything blind (I tend to see just one trailer at most for things and then that's it) so they get the full experience out of whatever it is they are seeing. Unfortunately there are people out there who don't seem to share this attitude and spoil things for other people.
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    Lee Pace and Oscar Isaac please!
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    Karen Allen Bruce Boxleitner David Warner Anna Shaffer
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    The Breakfast Club Anthony Michael Hall - Brian Johnson Ally Sheedy - Allison Reynolds Emilio Estevez - Andy Clark Judd Nelson - John Bender Molly Ringwald - Claire Standish
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    the cast of fright night 1985 would be awesome,chris sarandon,stephen geoffreys,amanda bearse,william ragsdale,i would attend a con to get meeting any of these guests
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