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    Finally finished this for tomorrow. All that is missing is Pvt Vasquez's signature :)
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    Oh and for the first time ever I won a silent auction, £20 for a signed Tom Skerritt/Alien 8x10, very happy with that as I missed the LFCC pre-order deadline this year .
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    Home from another enjoyable con at Glasgow. We had early entry tickets and once again it was a good choice. Started with a quick nosey around to see where guests were seated. As expected this year it seemed quieter, I assume due to the smaller line up. I admit I was apprehensive about this year for this very reason. However I was so glad I went. I had a great laugh in the Retro Gaming area, struggling to remember combos to try and beat my friend at Street Fighter 2. I met Colette Hiller, Mark Rolston, Jeanette Goldstein as previously planned. All 3 of them were lovely and fantastic to talk too. Colette was a particular highlight taking pictures with everyone (at the time). I also decided on the day to meet Rusty Goffe. Based solely on finding out about his extensive CV. It was a great choice. He is a really nice, funny gentleman. Can't recommend highly enough how much I am so glad I did. I was a bit short for time today so didn't stay for the talks this year. My loss based on previous years. I sometimes think other forum users are too quick to complain about "crap" or lack lustre line ups etc. But it's horses for courses. What might not spark your interest, may be a hero for others etc. I for one am just glad that things like this event happen. Already looking forward to the next one. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
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    I have a Serenity poster signed by the entire cast apart from Gina. Bring her to LFACC or Birmingham
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    A few years ago all 3 Goodies were billed but Graeme had to pull out at the last minute. How about a 2nd chance ?
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    Had a great day today. Only met the 3 Aliens guests however probably the 3 chattiest guests I've met at a showmasters event. Colette was by far the nicest guest I think I've met and would recommend anybody to go and speak with her. She insisted on taking photos with everybody there, and gave me a signed photo for free along with signing my poster. She took great interest in speaking about my wonky nose haha (I broke it last month and awaiting an op to fix it). Spoke with John for awhile about my favorite scene in Aliens for what seemed like an absolute age (sorry to the people behind me btw). I agree it wasn't as busy today as its been in the past but showmasters always put on a great show. More aliens guests next year please, lots of space left on my poster :)
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    I agree that it seemed quieter than previous years. I am not sure if it just seemed that way as the spaces between the stalls had been increased (good move, no more bottlenecks! ) but I didn't see much of a queue at the doors at any point of the day (i walked in and out a few times throughout the day, I never had to queue). I met Colette Hiller, Shauna MacDonald, Tom Hopper, Staz Nair and Imogen Boorman (I skipped Mark Rolston and Jenette Goldstein as I had met them before and I was on a budget although I am contemplating whether I should get a 'Jenette in T2' signed photo tomorrow...). All these guests were really nice and talkative and all of them allowed pictures as well. The Aliens talk was fun and very, very busy. One of the busiest talks I have ever seen in Glasgow but there always seems to be a lot of fan support for the Alien franchise in Glasgow for whatever reason. I was glad the opportunity for a triple Aliens shoot was provided and I am happy with the way my photo turned out. Unfortunately the Alien shoot clashed with the Tom Hopper/Staz Nair GoT talk and I missed the first ten minutes of it but again a very enjoyable and funny panel. I have just looked up these Le Labo scents and seen the prices, I think I will stick with Hugo Boss I will be back tomorrow, I will definitely meet Ian Beattie and Valene Kane.
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    What about Anson Mount? Unforgettable Cullen Bohannon in Hell on wheels and he's going to be in Inhumans soon.
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    Frazer is a great guy to chat to I met him at LFCC in 2016 and he gave me a little Jawa drawing which I keep in my Oyster card wallet. I also met his brother this year and he is the son of legendary stuntman Peter Diamond who worked on all the original Star Wars films and famously played the Tusken Raider that attacked Luke just before he meets Obi Wan.
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