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    All my goodies have now arrived, thank you to Jason and @Showmasters Pre Orders for this wonderful service as usual!
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    The evenings are getting lighter. Summer will soon be here Hope to make many more con memories as good (almost) as this one!
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    The origin of the VQ...
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    With Avengers Endgame coming out next month, it would be great if some of the cast from the film to be announced
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    the website has updated so another Spring Con next year
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    I’ve got a ticket for Jason Momoa (photo) this is going to be my first ever comic con!
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    After just finishing rewatching series 4 of Doctor Who, I would love for Catherine Tate or Freema Agyeman to be announced. I have really fond memories of those two in the programme (it was the point at which I became a proper fan) and I haven't met either of them before. Also, both would make great group photos with John Barrowman and Bernard Cribbins who are already announced - a Stolen Earth/Journey's End reunion!
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    See showmasters? He's already a pro in standing next to someone in front of a plain blueish screen whilst looking into a camera so photo ops at lfcc would go flawlessly you'd be foolish not to have him attend make it happen please you know you want to
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    So if your bed senses excessive vibration, it swallows you? I can think of no scenarios where that could be a problem.
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    It looks like LFCC Spring Will be back for another edition next year 29 feb-1 march 2020
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    Probably best not to reveal a future criminal activity on a public forum. Way too many witnesses
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    On adding to this Richard Madden Kit Harrington Henry Cavil Johanthan Rhys meyers Francois Arnaud Dominic Sherwood man, man with pulse, man that I can just look at , ill take what I can get
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    Sort of guesssing/would love to see:- Peter Capaldi David Tennant Matt Smith Christopher Eccleston Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Hiddleston Mark Rufallo Robert Downey Jnr Richard Armitage Aiden Turner Chris Evans (Captain America) Eddie Redmayne Jude Law Johnny Depp Tom Burke I have wages and credit card on standby!!!!
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    Please bring on the Muppets. Or at least as a prop shot if the voices behind them arent possible.
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    Emilia clarke kit Harrington natalie dormer peter dinklage sophie turner maisie williams lena headey Sarah Michelle gellar alyson hannigan amy acker natalie Alyn lind Emma Watson carlos Valdez danielle panabaker grant gustin Erica durance melissa Benoist MCU guests ewan McGregor natalie portman hayden christensen Hayley atwell walking dead guests
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    Ahh I feel so at home, love you geeks! <3
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    I'm sorry, I know this is going off topic, and that makes me tell myself off, but...................has Elmo got moobs?
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    You're the one using a Taylor swift gif, so who's the real loser here... Fingers crossed for you @R4wly97!
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