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  1. Got ticket #510 or something , didn't fancy waiting another 2-3 hrs so gave up on it. Hopefully he'll consider another con in the future and a private signing as well.
  2. Michael Winslow is certainly very friendly.
  3. They almost damaged my Stallone (a 400$ item !) sgd in silver so I would not recommend them.
  4. So nice of him to take the time and draw a film camera on my poster , very nice man :)
  5. What a shame Puschkin never came back in 007 , I guess he wasnt needed after Soviet Union fell.......
  6. West also preferred fist bumps.
  7. 30 is not very expensive imo.
  8. I never met him but it was very clear to me how nice he was to fans when I saw him next to Hooper , he genuinly cared (unlike Dolph last yr who seemed a bit distracted)
  9. RDA DP (1 auto) PA DP (2) JC DP (2) TH 2 TW 2 SD 3 Demo 1 350 for flights (but room only 15/night) = 865£ approx
  10. I felt a drop on my shoulder at Stamps queue sign , thought I was just sweating but couldve been leak.
  11. My long eye vision is not the best so I totally missed him
  12. Diamond and it was quick on Fri.
  13. Did the Earth swallow him , looked everywhere today but nowhere to be found ??
  14. I found her polite , she was even puzzled by the double sided poster I brought along (she was not pictured on the other side)
  15. He had a good selection of pics (although brought own stuff)