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  1. He was now very old so I was sad but not shocked , same with Moore.....we keep forgetting how old these guys are now (2 of Presleys body guards have passed recently , they too are getting quite old) That's why I flew to L.A cuz I had a feeling that West would not come to UK again (when was he here last time , 2005 ?) Same with Nicholson , Eastwood.
  2. They've been in many documentaries and many interviews and they're part of Presleys legacy.
  3. Way of Dragon 45 (Norris , Wall , Ing Sik , Nelsson , Schweer , Longo , Chaplin Chan)
  4. 40 yrs since Elvis died , maybe some of his body guards ?
  5. Jaws cast ? One would think people would be glad with Dreyfuss as a replacement for Blair ?
  6. First Bond I ever saw back in '88...... "Sean Connery IS James Bond !" (slogan)
  7. Met him 2015 & '16. He smiled when I told him I was born 19.9 like him and gave me fist bump :) Very sad but these guys are getting very old now......not many left from Batman '66 now or 60s Bond films.
  8. I don't think he's been allowed to wear the bat suit since '89 , when Batman '89 came out WB told him not to wear it. Also I doubt very much he'll be standing in photo shoots.
  9. Forget Spice Girls : Angela Mao is *real* girl power :
  10. Bruce Glover and Putter Smith (which would be terribly ironic , lol)
  11. Melrose 25 I think a certain Heather would get flattered if she was invited , hint hint
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eva-Green-11x14-Signed-Autograph-300-Rise-of-an-Empire-007-Photo-Exact-PROOF-/161244334057?hash=item258ae947e9:g:I6AAAOxyUI1TG5BN Typical modern scribble if it's real...at least Jovan takes her time doing a good sig.
  13. "Fierce Mango" If you'd seen the prices for mango in Norway you'd be fierce too (30 krones for one !)
  14. How bout some Batman (Chuck Dixon , Batman TAS etc)
  15. Also TND is 20....might not get Brosnan but surely Yeoh would be possible , I mean Rigg and Andress happened so it would be possible ? Then you've got martial arts fans that might like to meet her too.