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  1. Thanks for reply... always enjoy SM events...first I can do in a day trip!.. I heard Harrison Ford loves Doncaster... just saying..;)
  2. After going to SM events for 10 years this will be the closest one to where I live... still 60 miles away.. but I will give it a go.. will there be guests?..
  3. If there's a chance other shoots will be added my vote would be for a Finn Jones / Jessica Henwick joint shoot....
  4. Eddie The Eagle..
  5. Confused?... is this Film & Comic Con Birmingham or Collectormania 24 ? For me numbered Collectormania's were Milton Keynes.. I know it doesn't really matter, but if the Collectormania name wasn't associated with this event, would it make any difference?
  6. Simon Han Solo Collectormania 24
  7. Lovely lady.. have my Nym and Jess autographs.. a Colleen one is now on the cards...
  8. I will dearly miss Kenny.. I've had the privelage of meeting Kenny many times over the past 10 years... lots of white wines and Star Wars chats... only saw him two weeks past after many memories before.. a true gent and lover of Star Wars fans.. conventions will never be the same without Kenny... RIP my friend...
  9. Just for orientation.. the Gold Pass Entrance is the entrance to the Grand Hall?