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  1. She was the only reason I was going...oh well..:(
  2. With new season of Jessica Jones starting Friday..I guess Krysten Ritter...
  3. Great guest for the fair... I would love to see her at LFCC.. Please???
  4. Lovely guy... And yes I was the first to predict this on the forum... Gloat..
  5. Lucifer Season 4 released that day... A Lucifer guest????... Lauren German please...
  6. Veteran of 40+ Showmasters events and first time at Sheffield....had a great day out.. very relaxed compared to the whirlwind of LFCC... thanks always to the crew and to all the guests..had some great chats about their work....
  7. No.......I’m already in debt to the mob and the yakuza to pay for this W/e....;)
  8. You can also get most of the details from the Eventbrite site for the event....
  9. ..a childhood crush of mine..:). Can’t make this event but hopefully showmasters can book her for future events...
  10. He was great in Photo and auto shoot... being a tall man and I'm 6'2", he commented "ah, decent height!" when he got to me in the queue..one of my weekend highlights...someone I never dreamed of meeting, so very happy...
  11. The only 10 min gap I had in my weekend schedule has probably been filled..:)
  12. Thanks for reply... always enjoy SM events...first I can do in a day trip!.. I heard Harrison Ford loves Doncaster... just saying..;)
  13. After going to SM events for 10 years this will be the closest one to where I live... still 60 miles away.. but I will give it a go.. will there be guests?..
  14. If there's a chance other shoots will be added my vote would be for a Finn Jones / Jessica Henwick joint shoot....
  15. Confused?... is this Film & Comic Con Birmingham or Collectormania 24 ? For me numbered Collectormania's were Milton Keynes.. I know it doesn't really matter, but if the Collectormania name wasn't associated with this event, would it make any difference?
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