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  1. Maybe I misread it but the tweet above was the one I was taking about...
  2. I was talking about the double photoshoot in costume. It was advertised a few days ago but nothing on the store yet.
  3. Is the Martok and B'Tor joint photoshoot on sale yet? Can't see it on Eventbrite.
  4. Thanks- I'll email and see what they say.
  5. Who is the best person to ask for confirmation? I was told that they couldn't be used last year so used all of mine up at LFCC but then saw people using them at DST in Birmingham. Would be good to know as buying them now is a great deal for autographs.
  6. Will the 2018 Showmasters Vouchers which are currently on sale be able to be used at this event?
  7. Currently filling up my hallway.. https://photos.app.goo.gl/U8jpG1aDoVF3Yq252
  8. Do you know how it will work for the Batmobile shoot? Will he be in the car or on a chair next to it?
  9. Yep, that's the one I meant. I was confused because it said that diamond pass people could do the shoot with the Batmobile on any day and assumed that tickets would also be sold individually for all sessions but I guess not.
  10. Will the Batmobile shoot be every day or just the Saturday? At the moment only Saturday is in the store.
  11. Well done Showmasters!! The first time that I have ever been tempted by a diamond pass and the first time that I have hoped the guest is sat down for the photoshoot (so that I don't look teeny tiny next to him!)
  12. That is awesome. I love what you've done with the video.
  13. It was in an email. It said that for RDM Friday Photoshoot tickets can be used on Saturday or Sunday instead.
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