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  1. rodrigo1991

    Photoshoop question

    OK :) Thanks for the speedy reply :)
  2. rodrigo1991

    Photoshoop question

    If I bought 1 ticket for a photoshoot, can that be used for me and a friend in the same picture, or do we have to buy a ticket each? Thanks :)
  3. I'm more than likely coming, but i suppose that isnt enough... i've gotta wait untill after christmas to see how much money i have left...
  4. rodrigo1991

    ok lets talk

    It's too early for me to know if i can come... i'll know after christmas... I'd really like to though.
  5. rodrigo1991

    Roomate wanted!

    Hi Does anyone by any chance have a spare bed for the saturday night? I'm all on my tod on the saturday and needsome where to crash. I'm going to be at CM during the day on sat, before going to a play sat night, so i'd be back about half 11, and then i'd be off again early the sunday morning. I will of course pay half the cost of the room. I'm 18, a guy and this is my first CM... If you wanna know anything else, just ask. Thanks in advance Rodders
  6. rodrigo1991

    Need help from experienced con go-er please!

    KK. Ta very much
  7. rodrigo1991

    Need help from experienced con go-er please!

    We're after barrowman auto's, and billy dee williams... and mabye the torchwood talk aswell...
  8. Hi A friend and i are still not 100% whether we're going, but if were are, it would be on the sunday and we'd be paying on the door. If we turn up for about 11, how long will we be waiting to go in? Especially since we're paying on the door... We're only after a couple of auto's each... We should have enough time, right? Thanks to anyone who can help
  9. rodrigo1991

    How much are you spending?

    I'm only getting 1 Photoshoot (Billy Dee Williams) and i'm getting 9 Autographs... so thats £160, + hotel/travel/food/entry ticket... looking at about £300... which isnt alot compared to most... but still alot considering i'm skint
  10. rodrigo1991

    Where are you coming from?

    I'll be coming from Noriwch - Norfolk... middle of nowhere
  11. rodrigo1991

    latest Guest Announcement - STEVE BLUM

    WOW! He's Jack from Via Domus!! Great Guest!!!
  12. rodrigo1991

    Patrick Stewart

    Unfortunatly, i didnt get a chance to meet him, but i saw him alongside Sir Ian McKellen in 'Waiting For Godot'. I had my programme taken backstage and signed by them both
  13. rodrigo1991

    New Convention that you want to go to

    I think a geek themed con could be pretty good. Mix shows like The big bang theory, Chuck, the IT crowd, Greek, etc... You could get a mix of British and American guests for a con like this...
  14. rodrigo1991

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Michael Emerson would be 108% awesome!! Here's me hoping
  15. rodrigo1991

    latest Guest Announcement - Martin Klebba

    Awsome guest. I'm really looking forward to meeting him