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  1. 1) Stand by Me 2) Back to the Future 3) Jaws 4) Star Wars 5) The Untouchables 6) The Breakfast Club 8) The Shawshank Redemption 9) Alien 10) Raging Bull 11) Blade Runner, I'm like the Nostalgia Critic, I have a top 11 I also love Some Kind of Wonderful, Rocky, The Karate Kid, The Lost Boys, Home Alone, The Outsiders, A Few Good Men, The Dark Knight, The Goonies, Titanic, Pretty in Pink, License to Drive, Mission: Impossible, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Jurassic Park
  2. Thanks for the comments guys and useful information I am now probably going to go on Sunday now. Just a few quick questions, where do I get the VQ's, are they at the front of the lines, and where do the guests are usually positioned, are the most popular together and the smaller guests in other places and lastly, what guests are you guys going to get
  3. As a fan of autographs, I have recently shortlisted the actors/actresses I would like to purchase an autograph from at London Film and Comic Con later this year. I have shortlisted 17 actors, who I will soon list, and am going on the Saturday. I know that Saturday is usually the busiest day but is the onto day we're all the guests I want will be attending. I just wanted to know if can I realistically get that Moana autographs and is there any tips on getting that many. I plan to queue most of the day but wanted to know how long the queues take and were do I get the VR tickets and were it the Autograph hall. I know that some actors don't have VR tickets and will this be announced before the event or just on the day. How long is the queue to usually get into Olympia and what time should I get there so I can get in early. I have heard that ranking the guests on how popular they will be is a good thing to do and I would like to know what you would rank them. Also, will there probably be anyy other major guest announcements in the coming months which I might add. These are the 17 guests: Wil Wheaton Thomas F. Wilson Peter Mayhew Ron Perlman Christopher Lloyd Tom Skerritt Dave Prowse Doug Jones Michael Rosenbaum Walter Koenig David Morrissey Jeremy Bulloch Derek Jacobi Andrew Robinson Chris Durand Sarah Douglas Jack O'Halloran
  4. Corey Feldman
  5. Where do you get the virtual tickets
  6. Corey Feldman Jeff Cohen Jonathan Ke Quan Sean Astin Jerry O'Connell
  7. How much did his autograph cost
  8. What would you guys rank them in order here are mine: TV Shows 5) Enterprise 4) Voyager 3) The Original Series 2) The Next Generation 1) Deep Space Nine Films 13) Nemesis 12) Insurrection 11) The Final Frontier 10) The Motion Picture 9) Generations 8) Into Darkness 7) The Search for Spock 6) Beyond 5) The Voyage Home 4) Star Trek 3) The Undiscovered Country 2) First Contact 1) Wrath of Khan
  9. Yeah, I can't blame him but despite the poor script and slow pace, it is has the best special effects in the original series movies and the for the time (1979) their mind-blowing. Probably due to the fact that The Motion Picture's budget was 46 Million, which for a time was the biggest ever budget and was the biggest of the original series movies, and The Wrath of Khan's was dropped 11 Million
  10. Yeah Toy Soldiers is great. Plus it has Sean Astin and Louis Gossett Jr and even though it seems like a silly ploy it's actually really good and enjoyable. Sad that Wil dies though
  11. Star Trek: The Next Generation is always great, with Jean Luc-Picard probably being my favourite Enterprise Captain, and The Wrath of Khan is my favourite film probably due to how much Kirk has to go through throughout the movie, personally I think it's Shatner's best film performance and it's villain which is without a doubt my favourite Star Trek movie villain in Ricardo Montalban's Khan and it always had to recover from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was pretty slow and boring for the most part
  12. Agree with both choices, Deep Space Nine is my favourite because despite it being a terrible idea on paper, just staying at a Space Station instead of exploring space like Star Trek had always done, and it pulled it off so well. First Contact is also a great film with great performances, especially Patrick Stewart
  13. The Next Generatoin is my second favourite show and I think it has probably the best characters out of all the shows. First Contact is my second favourite film as well and definitely the best Next Generation film. What do you think of Wesley Crusher just to ask?
  14. Glad to know that someone else agrees with the best tv show and same what I said before about Generations, also what do you think of (SPOILER'S) Kirk's Death, most people hate it but personally I think the subtleness works and is a pretty tragic send off
  15. Voyager is probably the most underated tv show and I agree with both picks being good, Generations probably has the best cast out of all the films