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  1. I waited over 24 hours before I rose to your bait. Naughty Raylenth! But also: funny Raylenth. And: 136 days.
  2. I joined Hilton Honors when I was making my booking and I think that gives you free wifi - but I'm going from memory so I might be wrong!
  3. Oh, you know me so well, my lovely friend...
  4. Nah, they are building it, and we are already coming...
  5. If we build it, they will come...
  6. I am The Pink Lady and I endorse this message.
  7. Seeing all the fun and frolics from the US Sherlocked has made me all excited for October! 150 days to go...
  8. So many errors in that post! Time for sleep. Sweet, Sherlocky dreams, folks.
  9. I actually came here earlier to post an 'is anybody there?' Message earlier on, only to see this new thread!
  10. Ha! Sorry, milady. However - thanks to Raylenth - we are now booked in!
  11. Oh my, yes, I remember that! I enjoyed a pleasant 75 minutes in traffic on Tuesday listening to him read a biography of Casanova on CD. I consider it time well spent.
  12. It's fewer than 200 days to go! 198, according to my countdown.
  13. Thanks for spotting this Raylenth! As you say, it's not surprising - the logistics would certainly be challenging. Back to crossing my fingers....
  14. I wasn't planning to dress up at all, but I might be tempted to go Victorian on Saturday! Otherwise I'll be in a nice dress each night. And good shoes. I have a lot of excellent shoes, all of which deserve a big night out.
  15. Hope you're feeling better soon!