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  1. So many errors in that post! Time for sleep. Sweet, Sherlocky dreams, folks.
  2. I actually came here earlier to post an 'is anybody there?' Message earlier on, only to see this new thread!
  3. Ha! Sorry, milady. However - thanks to Raylenth - we are now booked in!
  4. Oh my, yes, I remember that! I enjoyed a pleasant 75 minutes in traffic on Tuesday listening to him read a biography of Casanova on CD. I consider it time well spent.
  5. It's fewer than 200 days to go! 198, according to my countdown.
  6. Thanks for spotting this Raylenth! As you say, it's not surprising - the logistics would certainly be challenging. Back to crossing my fingers....
  7. I wasn't planning to dress up at all, but I might be tempted to go Victorian on Saturday! Otherwise I'll be in a nice dress each night. And good shoes. I have a lot of excellent shoes, all of which deserve a big night out.
  8. Hope you're feeling better soon!
  9. Oh that looks great! But I am very particular, and I even have a hierarchy of who signs where. Obsessive? Me? I'm only missing a handful of people from series 1-3 now so there is room, in the appropriate places, for all of them, inside. So it's back to lugging it round until I've managed to catch them all!
  10. Another good idea in theory, but sadly all my autos are inside the book, so that wouldn't work for me.
  11. Ah, bless your heart, but you're right, it's not worth the cost! Thanks though. You must be getting excited for the LA con! Not long now...
  12. Ha, just noticed that evilfaerie has said the same thing with fewer words! That'll teach me not to leave posts half written for 40 minutes...
  13. You might well be right - you usually are! However: some guests will only attend on one or other day. I initially took it to mean that we'd get one pic with all the Saturdayers and another with the Sunday folk. Imagine the wrath which might ensue (NOT from anyone here, I hasten to add) if, say, MF or BC came, or Andrew or Rupert or Loo, or whoever, but for one day only, and someone had their group shot scheduled on the day on which their fave wasn't attending? It wouldn't be fair or reasonable for anyone to complain about that, but I'm sure people would!
  14. Oh yay, I'd forgotten that, too! We're being thoroughly spoiled this time!
  15. God yes, panic stations! Just what you didn't need, right at that moment. I was busy being anxious because the guy in front was getting 18 things signed, and I was worried we'd miss out because it was nearing the end of the session!