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  1. Woohoo! Getting closer now...
  2. If you don't know what the schedule is, surely that's even more reason to make sure you're there from open to close? Or am I being too sensible? QS - there is at least one more of us who read the T&Cs. Solidarity, sisters!
  3. I'd definitely recommend it, Lokinestro! And I echo everything Raylenth says. For me, Sherlock's magic is as much about the production as the people in front of the cameras and it's been fantastic the last twice to have really key production people there, as well as the actors - of whom we have had the chance to meet more than we could have ever hoped! They have all really loved being there, and every single guest I have met has seemed genuinely delighted to have the chance to meet all of us, as well as the other way around!
  4. Picard, I don't think your situation is the same as lazydazy's - they wanted a refund for Benedict's talk, and I think you are talking about a photoshoot. The talk went ahead at the appointed time and in the advertised place, so as far as I can see lazydazy has no case for a refund. If crew told you that you were eligible for a refund for your photoshoot that's different.
  5. I shall always remember that it was you who did this to me, for good or ill
  6. This is a great write-up! It was really good to meet you and the other guys on Saturday. I might be tempted back next year, even if Bendydick Cummerbund isn't in attendance.
  7. I went by myself to the first Sherlocked, and it was the first convention I'd ever attended. Everyone was lovely, and I made friends at both the previous ones that I hope I'll have forever.
  8. No-one would hear anything in the talks if crew outside had loudhailers! Even Benedict C commented on the crew outside shouting during his talk. Good-naturedly, of course, but boy it was loud in there. Unless the talk stage could be fully screened off I can't see this suggestion being practical, unfortunately for the poor crew.
  9. Not to mention the fact that it would result in even more congestion with lots of people hurrying to exactly the same place at the same time, with the really big guests.
  10. Then I suppose you'd have the option of buying a Gold pass, which would give you priority over all VQ holders regardless of number for non-Diamond guests, especially since those are the guests we are talking about here. If queues run too short or dry up then they could be opened to higher numbers much earlier, rather than batching them in 50s or 100s. That would be equally as flexible as at present, enabling crew to keep each guest's physical queue at the optimum number, probably 20 -30. I saw only a few non-VQ guests on Saturday, so if you didn't want to join in the VQ system and limited yourself to just those guests with open queues it might have ruled out a lot of possibilities.
  11. I'm really pleased with my autos - Benedict, Benedict and Mads on a Doctor Strange poster, and Cumbers as the first on my new Sherlock S4 poster, which I'll hopefully be adding to significantly at Sherlocked in October. Photos are a bit crap but you get the idea! They're not the clearest Cumbers autos I have but not bad considering how busy it was on Saturday!
  12. I, too, was lucky and got autos from Diamond guests with VQ tickets - Mads Mikkelsen and Kevin Smith, and these were both on Saturday. Mads I managed to see late morning, I think, and Kevin by about a quarter to five.
  13. Again, Diamonds and Golds always have priority over VQ holders, but no open queues would happen - so for some of the less well known guests where they might previously not have been so popular and therefore started with an open queue, all queues would be subject to VQ rules.
  14. See my reply to you above - we mean all GUESTS should be on VQs, not open queues, which some started as. Golds would still have priority over VQ holders.
  15. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick here - we mean all Guests being on VQs, not all visitors. So Gold would still have priority over general admission people, but all GA people would have to have a VQ for all guests, instead of some Guests starting with open queues and then having to move to VQ later when the lines get too long. That way all GA have the same chance, rather than those who just happen to be around the area when guests are changed to VQ and get early tickets that way. If having an auto with a particular person is important to you, you'd know to go to their auto area first thing to get your VQ.