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Latest Guest Announcement - ANN JACKSON

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4 hours ago, Disneymaniacus said:

Is there anyone that has more information or photos of her in the James Bond movies?

I've been looking online, but can't find any info. Not even her photo that is used here in the announcement.

In case you didn't see it, SM have posted the following opening Credit image.... VvvFZyN.jpg

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2 hours ago, homerj said:

Is she available to pre order?



I don't see why not. But she was announced on Thursday only and as you see above they were still working on photos on Friday. Guests are almost never added to the store before photos are sorted. And it's now Sunday, so nothing is going to happen before tomorrow. ;) 

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Please feel free to use the contact form on site. I can only contact Jason by e-mail too. For everyone new here,  I am a volunteer, not in the SM office and can not access the pre-order site, the websites or Eventbrite to fix things. I can only forward questions.

If Jason sees the demand is there from customers directly that will help much more than me going on by e-mail "hey, can you upload Ann Jackson please?" ;) 


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