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Guest Cancellation - Lance Henriksen

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Due to a change in commitments Lance Henriksen will no longer be able to attend our Film & Comic Con Bournemouth event.


Photo session tickets purchased for Lance will be refunded shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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im now really glad that i hadnt booked anything for bournemouthe to meet lance! was dissapointed that belfast had a date change and so far lance isnt on the bill,but lance would have been the only reason i would have been going for

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This is the reason I never book anywhere in advance apart from London now.

It's just not worth the risk when there's only 1 or 2 people you'd like to meet.

Even London had tickets available on the door this year

I don't blame people it's a lot to risk with non refundable trains / hotels.

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Will pre-orders just be refunded then and the items returned? Had sent a poster in to be signed by Lance. Hopefully he'll be back at a future event just wish I'd sent it in for Amsterdam now.

Yes no need to do anything. I wish I had taken them along with a personal items of mine to Amsterdam as well.

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