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  1. Is Bournemouth comic con coming back in 2020?
  2. Don't cancel, don't cancel, please don't cancel.
  3. Sorry to be a whiny git but that photo op schedule is naff. Having the photo ops so late in the day is really off putting, given there aren't that many of them it couldn't have hurt to have them first. Could even have split the cosplay ops into two sessions maybe? I imagine those creative guys and gals will be there all day.
  4. I've only three photo shoots booked this year, was hoping to grab the odd table photo/selfie but now I think of it I seem to remember last year the signing tables being in one continuous line which would make those photo's difficult.
  5. Lovely cheers, if i get there in time I will check out the tail end of the AM shoot but I've got 15 autos to try and collect so will have plenty to occupy my time with.
  6. My Danny Glover ticket says batch 4 but it doesn't indicate if this is AM or PM, any guesses?
  7. Usually had notice by now, be a shame if Showmasters ditched this one as it has the best vibe, the best location and the best venue.
  8. Hands down my favourite guest of any convention I've been too. So friendly, chatty, silly and serious all at once. Cheeky bugger tickled me during our Photoshoot as well. Just a brilliant man.
  9. I've been to every Bournemouth con so far and if I remember correctly they announced the next date at the event or almost immediately after. I hope they still have one next year.
  10. Absolute balls, was waiting for that to happen. 1 day before the event, truly gutted.
  11. Big TBC on the schedule, someone else incoming? here's hoping.
  12. DanFan12

    Guest Suggestions

    I see Glasgow have Shauna MacDonald (the Descent) and Ian Beattie (GOT) recently added, would love them both at Bournemouth.
  13. DanFan12

    Guest Suggestions

    David Bradley as he had to cancel C24 and Julian Glover would be top picks, but anyone from Game of Thrones really.
  14. DanFan12

    Guest Suggestions

    I'll second this.
  15. DanFan12

    How did you all find today?

    Although this was my 6th Showmasters event having done Bournemouth 3 times and Cardiff twice I was a tiny bit apprehensive as I thought this was going to be huge and overwhelming. Personally I don't enjoy the Cardiff event much but Bournemouth is fantastic and has a great vibe and lovely venue and I'd place C24 between the two though certainly closer to the Bournemouth experience. As many have commented there was plenty of space to get around and the staff particularly the chap manning Photo Area B were great.This was my first experience of the virtual queue system and to be honest I don't know how much it worked or not, it did seem to take a long time to get through the numbers but hey I got all the autos I was after. My only real gripe was that Jeffrey Combs photo shoot was at the ungodly hour of 17:45, not great when all your ther business is taken care of by 15:45 and you have over a two hour drive home. In then end I had to sacrifice the shoot as my other half may have killed me. Still got a pic at his desk but it's a shame to have missed out. Assuming the line up next year is as grand I will certainly be back for C25 in fact it's got me to thinking I may venture to LFCC but maybe on the Friday.