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London Film & Comic Con Spring - Guest Days & Prices

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Guest Name:Attending: Autograph Price:Photoshoot Price:


Aidan CookSunday£10

Aidie PalmerSaturday£10

Andy CunninghamSunday£10

Aaron AmayahSaturday£10

Billy Dee WilliamsSaturday & Sunday£25£25

Chris GedenSunday£10

Clare HigginsSaturday£15£15

Clem SoSunday£10

Charlie AkinSaturday£10

Danny D'arcySaturday£10

Danny John JulesSaturday£15£15

David M. SantanaSaturday£10

Denis LawsonSaturday£20£20

Garrick HagonSaturday & Sunday£15

Greg BeardSunday£10

Greg GrunbergSaturday & Sunday£25£25

Ian ListonSaturday£10

Ian WhyteSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Jack KlaffSaturday£10

Jeremy BullochSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Jessica HenwickSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Jonty GreenSunday£10

Kate FleetwoodSaturday£10£10

Kenny BakerSaturday & Sunday£25£15

Kurt AngleSaturday & Sunday£25£25

Marc RolfeSunday£10

Mark RutterSaturday£10

Mark StanleySaturday£10£10

Mickey LewisSaturday£10

Mike QuinnSaturday & Sunday£15

Miltos YerolemouSunday£15£15

Neil BishopSaturday£10

Nick FrostSaturday£25£25

Olga FondaSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Paul BlakeSunday£10

Phil HodgesSunday£10

Phoenix JamesSaturday & Sunday£10

Richard OldfieldSaturday£15£15

Robert NairneSunday£10

Samantha AlleyneSunday£10

Sandeep MohanSaturday & Sunday£10

Shane RimmerSaturday£10£10

Sophie AldredSaturday£10£10

Timothy ZahnSaturday & Sunday£10

Tosin ColeSunday£10



Cancelled Guests

Dave Prowse

Emily Kinney

Tim Rose

Charles Dance

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Because Dave cancelled. It is mentioned in a seperate thread and states that other commitments mean he can no longer attend. In the past this generally means that work has come up or there has been a change in work he was committed to.

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Any chance of a first order stormtrooper photo group ?


I second this request!


I would love more group shoots in general.


Would love to get a aliens or back to the future shoot at the last summer LFCC, so maybe for the future this is a wish.

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I still think there should be a Stormtrooper group photo shoot

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If group shots are offered this happens close to the show 99.9 percent of the times. It just depends on too many factors, an earlier confirmation is rarely possible.

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Any Chance of a Professional Photo Shoot with Jack Klaff please... :smile:


Are you offering rides like in Brighton?

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