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80's babes

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i would love to meet


Courteney cox - i'm sure she is too big for this but it would be nice to have a scream double header with neve

Lori Loughlin - please!

Mia sara - nice to see some other posts for mia

Jennifer Grey

Shawnee smith!!!!!!!


i'm sooooo gutted i missed "HELEN SLATER" last year - it makes me so sad - please invite her back again!!!!


i want to come meet Neve - some of these others could help me make this expensive decision to fly over

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Erin Gray

Jamie Lee Curtis

Glynis Barber

Joan Collins

Lindsay Wagner

Tanya Roberts

Kelly McGillis

Heather Langenkamp

Anne Lockhart

Jane Seymour


For Starters..... :drool:

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