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  1. Right, given this is approaching two weeks to the event, really want to see some awesome guest announcements for this! I'll take - Edward Furlong Robert Patrick Linda Hamilton Xander Berkeley Denise Crosby Jonathan Tucker ANY wrestling guests
  2. Please, please, please book Joseph Marcell for this!
  3. Calling it right here, right now - Matthew Lillard.
  4. I know him only as the narrator of In The Night Garden haha. Announce Igglepiggle as next diamond guest and my money is yours.
  5. As his first appearance has just been announced elsewhere, Burt Young please!
  6. Don't know if I'm going now, that's why I've suggested him for Glasgow
  7. As he will be in Scotland the following week, Jack Swagger.
  8. Not having Burt Ward to go with him makes this disappointing.
  9. Showmasters - Remember not to start following who it is on Twitter beforehand.
  10. Dream guest from this year's lineup so far - Ron Perlman, being in one of my favourite movies, Drive. Past LFCC dream guest - Easy. Star of my favourite movie of all time, The Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio. Biggest dream guest I've met - Sadly coinciding with today's news, my favourite 007, Roger Moore. Biggest dream guest I want to meet - Ryan Gosling.
  11. Still unrealistic, but Will Smith. This just needs to happen.
  12. I was thinking the exact same this morning! Pretty sure the UK competitors are only under some form of semi contract at the moment as they have still been taking bookings around their WWE appearances. Would absolutely love to meet Pete Dunne.
  13. I understand her circumstances, however one can still dream so I'm going to suggest Jamie Lee Curtis.
  14. Really hoping for more Bates Motel cast!
  15. This would be pretty cool. Would love to see Wetmovie1 and Coolduder attend!
  16. Please, please, please - William Zabka. Did I say please?
  17. Edward Furlong. I would greet.
  18. Would you like fries with that?
  19. Really hope Alfonso Ribeiro can make this!
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