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*BUMP*   Hey guys   Wheres my avatar gone?   Gave Dayna money the other night to get tickets booked YAY   Cant believe it's coming to an end but i cant wait for ET8 so looking forward to see

I think it is dead BECAUSE the themes haven't been announced - they give us so much to talk about. I come on every day just to see if we're going to be given a little bit of notice, as things stand n

Regardless of what the theme is for the sunday night, me n Dayna already have our outfits haahaa   I just like to be organised, i dont mind re-using my previous outfits because i love them.   Tryi

Ooh Becky, Cheryl, I didn't know you guys live just down the road from each other!


Lmaooo Karly your Sunday night outfit is awesome! Ahahahaha can't wait til mine gets here. Tee hee!

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haha, Matthews birthday today and nobody in my house actually ate any of the cakes lol (Individual chocolate pots with chocolate cake, vanilla fudge to top and decorations were green chocolate lego bricks and marine stars :D )


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I'm on another diet so no cake for me (well the odd bit sneaks in!!) :YAHOO:


Should be working but here I am again - how was everyone's weekend?


I had a fun time trying to help Jacob (10) with his homework. It didn't go well as Jacob thinks he knows loads more than me and has a habit of looking at me like I'm talking gibberish - probably true sometimes but I'm not letting him know that! :D

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Even though Cheryl you live like down the road girl haha

We don't see each other enough ladies :(





We really dont! Though I will promise to try and change this once I finish uni :)


ROFL at my name being in the title description :D Im sorry ive been missing for a few days, between working, uni and throwing up its been a busy time :YAHOO::(:D

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Hahaha oh yeah! I hadn't even noticed that until you said Cheryl!


I've just got home from work. The evil dragon's back this week *grumbles* so I'm glad the day's over.


Oooh this dude in 90210 is kinda cute! Sorry pointless info there. I don't normally watch it lol.


Lol Juliette, yeah kids always seem to think they know everything hahaha! I'm on a diet too. Lost half a stone so far. 2 more stone to go.


Rhi, Matthew's studying 14 GCSEs? Flipping heck!

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I have absolutely no chance of helping Matthew with maths homework lol especially since we have been told that in September he could end up doing up to 14 GCSEs and since 6 of those will be maths/science, he wont be able to get any help from his cake/music mum lol :(

14 GCSE's!! :D It's fine whilst they're in junior school but once they're in secondary school I haven't a clue :D and they're on their own.


I'm on a diet too. Lost half a stone so far. 2 more stone to go.

Boring isn't it? :YAHOO: I hate watching what I eat but I feel better so it's probably worth it :(

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i know! 14 seems too much!


It is because instead of just doing science, he will be doing all the sciences, plus the advanced maths as well as regular. Also, he wants to do cookery and the teaches wants him to do the catering as well.


He is completely unphased by it, but it doesnt start until September. They do tend to sit some of them early too, so at least the exams wont always be the same time.


Watching Category 7 - gotta love cheesy disaster movies :D

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