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  1. I'm confused is it just a voucher in the paper that shows you how to order online or or do you actually pick up the gifts when you buy the paper and if so is it just somewhere like WH smiths?
  2. Haha I know, I think it's probably time to change it but I can't be bothered to figure out how lol.
  3. I can't wait for everybody to be at the same con =] I'm so excited to partayy
  4. Ooh thanks guys! I'll wear it just for you Cheryl Yay slippy better be coming to the next one. I'm so excited to see everyone again. Even though Cheryl you live like down the road girl haha
  5. The music is never allowed to be as loud on the Sunday and the Hilton suits wait at the door =[
  6. Hello ramblers =] I can't even remember the last time I posted
  7. I booked a double about an hour ago think they may have added some more.
  8. This is the least amount of guests I have ever met at a convention =/ Lack of funds and bad timing!
  9. Wow wow, you both look amazing =] Jerri Kay, you look just like her, perfect! I always mess up with posting pics on here but I have a couple on my FB www.facebook.com/latuacantantexx Can't wait to see you all in costume.
  10. Ahh River! That's amazing. Hope I see you =]
  11. Not a fan of twitter! But: www.facebook.com/latuacantantexx
  12. We will be arriving about midday haha. I will be early birding it on sunday =]
  13. We are coming straight to the venue from the train now as just realised we can't check into the hotel untill 2.30 doh! So should hopefully get there in time for 12 =] Hope you had a great birthday!
  14. Thanks for the offer! But I am coming with my boyfriend. Going to book the Boka, £70 for a double is fine after the prices I have seen tonight lol. Thanks for the heads up Keith!
  15. I can't find a single hotel near Earls Court that isn't fully booked on the Sat night. I have been searching for 4hours now =[ I knew I shouldn't have left it so late!
  16. Okay so after running out of material while doing the pleats on my skirt I have gotten hold of some new, better material to start again eek. This time with the help of a sewing machine so a little excited. Just wish there was more time! Apart from that I have everything else sorted, just waiting on the holster to arive. Can't wait to see everyone's in person =]
  17. Fantastic! I can't wait to see both of your costumes, yours is looking amazing already =] Unfortunately I won't be getting to Earls court untill 1pm ish on the saturday. I might have to miss the photos! Hopefully I will get to see you both before you change.
  18. Have entry tickets ever sold out before? We won't be arriving untill about 1 on the saturday. Haven't had any trouble on the door before but just wondering if it is best to pre-book this time.
  19. Another BabyDoll here =] Just keeping everything crossed that my holster arrives here ok!
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