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  1. I second this Although i think he probably put it on as it was better than hearing us sing it haahaa This realy made my night though xx
  2. Eeeeeeek 1 week and we will all be partying together
  3. Not long now ladies!! Is anyone getting excited yet? I no i am haahaa Whos got there outfits? Im ready to put mine in my suitcase just a couple of things to alter first. See you all soon xx
  4. I have all my outfits now yay cant wait xx
  5. Im going for comfort and fun for sunday haahaa
  6. Im happy with the themes, me n Dayna had already planned sunday night outfits hoping for a P.J party and already have ideas for Renesmee's bday party I know alot of you are disapointed with Prom theme but im just happy it gives me a reason to wear my big dress again, i have to justify the money i spent on it somehow More than anything im just realy looking forward to seeing my amazing friends again, regardless of what we are all wearing. Lets face it most of us will be to drunk to care by the end of the night
  7. Regardless of what the theme is for the sunday night, me n Dayna already have our outfits haahaa I just like to be organised, i dont mind re-using my previous outfits because i love them. Trying to decide at the minute if Rosalie wants to make one final appearance for ET8 It'll definately go out with a bang coz we 'Da Bomb' haahaa
  8. *BUMP* Not long now ladies Cant believe how dead the forum is these days, i always come on to check if theres any news. So when do we think they'l tell us the themes for the partys? We need time to get outfits ready haahaa. Hope your all well and realy looking forward to seeing u all in less than 2 months time
  9. Dayna needs to get our tickets booked i gave her the money weeks ago lol. So excited to see you all again xx
  10. *BUMP* Hey guys Wheres my avatar gone? Gave Dayna money the other night to get tickets booked YAY Cant believe it's coming to an end but i cant wait for ET8 so looking forward to seeing you all again! Hope everyones well xx
  11. Keep trying, i managed to book a twin fri-mon at con rate today Sorry just checked ther only queens available now, do you and your friend not mind sharing. The queen beds are a decent size me and my sister had a queen at et3.
  12. Yay me n Day just booked our hotel even more excited now lol tbh i look at avatars instead of names n i still love my avatar haahaa
  13. I love criminal minds HELLO Derek Morgan lol Day get home sumin i want to show you lmfao Ul freaking LOVE IT
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