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  1. Madjuliette


    We left after queuing for 4 hours and only made it halfway to the entrance. NIGHTMARE! Not seen anything like it in 5 years of LFCC's:-(
  2. Madjuliette

    Early bird LOL

    Left after queuing for 4 hours (arrived at 9.20) as queue wasn't moving and we were frying!! No information was forthcoming - not seen anything like it in 5 years of coming to LFCC :-( I tried to book tickets online and the Worldpay bit said my payment was duplicated and then the system jammed. In fact no payment had been taken and we missed the deadline :-( Will not go without a ticket again although the ticket holders seemed to have trouble getting in as well! My son only wanted to meet the author Derek Landy cos he loves the Skullduggery Pleasant books and we wanted to browse the stalls and look at all the cosplayers. Very disappointed :-( Will try and get to the winter con instead - with pre-paid tickets of course.
  3. Madjuliette

    Who would like a Guest Announcement at 7pm today? ;-)

    Hurry up 7pm >.<
  4. Madjuliette

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Catherine Hardwicke JCB (with or without underwear!) Billy Burke and I know his been loads of times but I do like a bit of Gil
  5. Madjuliette

    Who would you most like to meet TOP 5?

    Billy Burke Rami Malek Michael Sheen Cam Gigandet Lee Pace
  6. Tickets cannot be upgraded. You would have to buy a gold ticket and sadly they are sold out.
  7. Madjuliette

    Eternal Twilight 8 - Schedule

    We don't arrive til Sat morning but I'm not going to get worked up about perhaps missing out on the group photo - we still get an individual photo with every guest so it's all good \o/
  8. Madjuliette

    Guest Suggestions

    Big Bang Theory guests Tom Hiddleston Jason Patric That's a start - I'll keep thinking
  9. Madjuliette

    Loki please :)

    Yes please
  10. Madjuliette

    Big Bang Theory

    Agreed :)
  11. Madjuliette

    Patricia Tallman on Conventions and Meeting Fans

    Interesting reading - nice to see things from the other side
  12. Madjuliette

    Hotel difficulties - help?

    Have you tried booking a double through the ET8 website and using the code - you could then just cancel the twin room which can be done on the Hilton website as well :)
  13. Madjuliette

    General Rambling

    They looked so uncomfortable and they were pretty hideous - what ever floats your boat eh?
  14. Madjuliette

    General Rambling

    Clever lad Rhi
  15. Madjuliette

    Discuss the books [possible spoilers]

    A completely useless bit of info but my son's girlfriend's sister (keeping up?) is called Johanna Mason