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  1. Im gonna request the same two people I've been asking for since 2009 lol Jamie Campbell bower and Cameron Bright....you never did get him back after he cancelled years ago
  2. I love how many Wirralites come to these conventions
  3. I wish it was acceptable to go down in my pjs all of the night's xD
  4. Im so behind I didn't realise the parties had been announced lol yaaaay for the slumber party truely the best way to end it...the rest? Meh im too lazy to wear a nice dress anymore xD lol
  5. Girl I feel your pain!!! Ive had that...I developed it at a festival so was ill through the festival then for two weeks afterwards! Its grim
  6. Im sure the Hilton would love that hehehe
  7. I know I want it to be here already ...saying that though the quicker it gets here the quicker its over and I dont want it to be over
  8. Why is there soooo many breaks?! I know America normally have breaks at weird times but does this season seem to have more than normal?
  9. Michael Sheen and Cameron Bright pleaseeeeee *has tantrum*
  10. That actually has to be the best word Ive heard for a very long time Its always sad to hear when an event gets cancelled especially for something as great as the Hunger Games...and I wouldve gone if it wasnt for ET8 cant afford both....really should by my ticket for that sometime soon lol
  11. Lets hope they do the PJ party at least they can announce that as late as they want
  12. Ive never heard of her or her books so I shall get on to changing this as soon as I can
  13. Oh I love him such a beautiful man *sigh* I remember being young and in love with him in the Biz hahaha
  14. I need to see it again cause Im still not sure how I feel about it...I mean I loved it but so many bits were missed out or not shown for long enough...I just dont know how I feel about it
  15. I kinda want the civil war one too so my hat can get one more trip out and....I want Ray Ray to dress up
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