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Eternal Twilight 8

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Wow! That was fast!


I will speak to the hotel and get some more added asap! There are still lots of rooms available, so dont worry.



There seem to be rooms available using the code if you only want to stay Friday and Saturday but if you try adding Sunday night as well it comes up with no availabilty using the code.

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Try refreshing the page a few times... The hotel bookings website is really playing up. I tried a few times and eventually I got a twin room booked.


Exec. rooms can't be booked anymore. I believe the hotel had a lot of problems with them last time, and I heard they've put a hold on the exec. rooms for con goers. You can still book an exec. room, but only at full price.


I tried booking a room for Thursday night as well, but I'm guessing the hotel is full, because even at full rate, I can't book a twin room :wub: Might go for a single one, but the code for singles doesn't work on Thursday... I could REALLY use that night, as I wanna get a good night sleep and a relaxing day on Friday instead of all day travelling. I wanna give my best for the last ET!

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I managed to use the code for fri & sat but had to book a twin at full price for sun, its putting me off a bit staying but I wanna go to the sunday night party.


Anyone know if they are going to be able to use the code for sunday night booking at all??? As think as this rate I'd rather use the money to spend at the event :(

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Still haven't managed to get one booked :P


Btw is the code available for Thursdays? I'm tempted to go the day before hand


I don't think it is :( I tried to book Thursday to Monday with the code but the woman on the other end of the phone said the Thursday would be at the normal (expensive) rate. Instead I'm going to stay in the Premiere Inn near the airport on the Thursday, then arrive at the Hilton on Friday.

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Hi there


I to can only get a rwin deuluxe for friday and saturday, the hilton is telling me that all that is left for sunday night is a single room which is obviously not an option for us, they had told me the the event organisers need to get in touch to get them to release more rooms under the rate before we can book them. it seems like sunday night is where the problem lays becuase i was offered an exec for only two nights as well under the convention rate.


please let us know asap when they have released these rooms as its worrying me a bit now that the staff at the hilton are so unhelpful on the phone





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