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  1. tweety_be

    Looking for a roommate! (Twin Executive Room)

    I'm still looking... Is there really no one interested? I don't bite, honestly
  2. Anyone looking for a room(mate)? I've got a Twin Executive room booked at the NEC Hilton for ET8 from Friday till Monday at the Executive Room con rate of 136.40 GBP/night. It includes all the extra's of the Executive room (Executive Lounge access with free snacks & drinks + complimentary breakfast, free alcoholic drinks in the evening, etc.). I'm a 27-year old female from Belgium, speak Dutch and English and I'm generally a nice person Ask anyone who knows me If anyone is interested in sharing, please let me know as soon as possible at carmenbelgium@gmail.com :)
  3. tweety_be

    Sunday Night Party

    I totally agree! Most Sunday Night parties are indeed rather crappy and that is so sad. Except the PJ party with Alex and Mike, that was indeed EPIC! Maybe we should just have a PJ party again on Sunday? Because let's be honest, that one really did rock and you can just go to bed immediately after whahaha.
  4. tweety_be

    Is anyone going alone?

    I'm going alone! Like I did at ET7. Met some great people tho and had lots of fun! Don't worry too much about it, you'll meet some great people. Make sure to join the ET facebook group, lots of people to meet there already
  5. tweety_be

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Try refreshing the page a few times... The hotel bookings website is really playing up. I tried a few times and eventually I got a twin room booked. Exec. rooms can't be booked anymore. I believe the hotel had a lot of problems with them last time, and I heard they've put a hold on the exec. rooms for con goers. You can still book an exec. room, but only at full price. I tried booking a room for Thursday night as well, but I'm guessing the hotel is full, because even at full rate, I can't book a twin room Might go for a single one, but the code for singles doesn't work on Thursday... I could REALLY use that night, as I wanna get a good night sleep and a relaxing day on Friday instead of all day travelling. I wanna give my best for the last ET!
  6. tweety_be

    Hotel difficulties - help?

    I can't book a normal (twin) room at the con rate. There are still rooms availalbe tho, because I can book a room at full rate. What's up with that? EDIT: just booked a normal twin room at con rate ! The website is really playing up tho... I wanted to book a room for Thursday as well, but apperantly there are no (twin) rooms available (not even at full rate). So not sure what I'm gonna do now. About the executive thing, I heard you won't be able to book an exec room at con rate anymore due to the problems they had with con goers disturbing the peace and quiet in the exec lounge, taking excessive advantage of the 'free' drinks and stuff like that. You can book an executive room, but only at full rate. At least that is what I have been told. I know people have booked an exec room for the next con, but at full rate. I would have liked an exec room tho, but I'm guessing this won't be an option this time...
  7. tweety_be

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Edit: I've just booked a twin room at con rate I wanted to book a room for the Thursday night as well (as I'd like to come a day early and get a good rest), but apperantly that ain't an option. But I'm guessing there are no twin rooms available that day, because even at full rate, I can't book one... I'm considering booking a single room for 1 night (Thrusday), as I'm coming alone anyway. I always look for a roommate during the con, but seeing as most people arrive on Friday, I prob won't find anyone to share on Thursday anyway. But there are no single rooms available at con rate, so I'm wondering what to do now. Oh well, I'll figure it out, at least I have a room booked during the con, I can still arrive on Friday if I want, but I really would like to go on the Thursday already.
  8. tweety_be

    Eternal Twilight 8

    Ticket was booked at ET7 of course But what the hell is wrong with the hotel bookings?? I was booking a Twin Deluxe Room and it took a while for my details to enter and when I got everything right, my room was not available anymore... WTF? I was able to book a Queen room, but obviously that's not what I need. ARGH, all stressed out now ^^ haha. Looking forward to the con tho, eventho it makes me really sad thinking it'll be the last one... But I've got a feeling this con will be a BLAST! And hopefully I can figure out the room :)
  9. tweety_be

    Registration letter hasn't arrived (yet?)

    I don't have a confirmation email as I booked at ET6 and as said before, can't find the payment receipt. I hope my Mastercard monthly bill will be enough proof together with my photgraphic ID... Oh well, I'll mail Yvie just in case, but I guess it will turn out okay, I hope haha
  10. tweety_be

    Registration letter hasn't arrived (yet?)

    Thank you for replying I really do hope it turns up! Never had any problems with it before, that's why it got me a bit worried. Sorry I always have photographic ID with me, I need it anyway for travelling, so that's not gonna be a problem. If I haven't received my letter, I'll bring my Mastercard statement with me too then.
  11. I'm getting worried over here, I still haven't received my reg. letter... I've only got 2 days to go, as I'm leaving early Friday morning and won't see the mail man in time. That's cutting it pretty close I'm afraid. I've registered at ET6 for ET7, but I can't find the little paper we received after paying (the payment receipt where your ticket number was written on) anywhere. I'm afraid that it got lost while travelling. I do have my mastercard monthly payment bill to prove my purchase tho and I remember my ticket number too . Please tell me what I can do now. Thanks in advance!
  12. tweety_be

    Roomate Needed!

    I contacted you on facebook Please let me know if you've received my message... Thanks !
  13. tweety_be

    Roomate Needed!

    I know her, talked to her a few times, she's lovely! Is she still looking for a room? As I've got a room booked. I should have a roommate, but I got the feeling she might cancel because the hotel is too expensive. And I can't afford a room on my own, so I really do need a roommate! Let me know and I'll see what I can do for her!
  14. tweety_be


    I hope there will be some authors too! Because for me they were kinda the highlight these past events... I know that's a sad thing to say, but it's mostly the truth. Anyway, Rachel Caine would be totally awesome! Other authors on my wish list are: - Sarah Rees Brennan - Rachel Vincent (love her soul Screamers series!) - Maggie Stiefvater - Julie Kagawa - Maria V. Snyder - Simone Elkeles - Kelley Armstrong - Suzanne Collins - Nalini Singh - Cassandra Clare - Diana Peterfreund - Richelle Mead (again) - Becca Fitzpatrick (again, I love her! But it'll be a while before the 4th book of Hush Hush is released, so well) - LA Weatherly (again, but same as with Becca Fitpatrick) And I can go on and on haha Sadly enough I haven't had much time lately because of work and college (exams right now), so well. Hope I get to read some more before ET7! Any book/author suggestions here for me?
  15. tweety_be

    Still Unofficial?

    I'm from Belgium and I've been to ALL ET events, and I went gold for all of them too! I've loved every single one of them and some of the best moments in my life I've experienced at these event! Big hooray and thank you ME for that! It's not like I'm rich or anything, because I am NOT. I work AND I go to college now too. Money for me is something very valuable and I can't go throwing it around. Every penny that I have left at the end of the month, I save for ET. I try to live as 'sober' as possible so I have enough money for these events. Because it's d*mn expensive for me, gold ticket, flight tickets, train tickets to and from the airport, hotel, etc. Not forgetting I need to eat at those events as well, so that costs me too. I spent at least €700 for 1 event... For me that is A LOT of money that I could use for college and other stuff like clothes and food. I went to the previous ET evenst with friends from Germany. Sadly enough they couldn't come to this one. I was seriously doubting to come to this one as well, as I don't know many other people there (read: no-one). But after they announced it was official, I immediately bought my ticket, thinking I couldn't miss out on this one! But like many others here, I'm starting to worry... I don't blame ME for anything, but I'm not impressed by the guest list nor the lack of news. It's not that I want the main characters (tho that'd be awesome haha), but at least I was expecting some NEW names and not people we already met 3 times or people that we haven't even seen in the movies yet. They appear in the movie for like 5 minutes... Nobody has ever heard of them or anything and yet they get to come to this event. I know they are GREAT guests, no doubt, but I'd love to meet someone like Jackson Rathbone or Nikki Reed, or even Xavier Samuel, cause he got a pretty big role in Eclipse and I think he is totally cute haha. But no such luck... I personally think ME could better spent their money on 1 'bigger' guest, than inviting all these 'smaller' guests. As I think that most people will care more about one bigger guest than about 3 smaller guests, I guess. It's NOT the quantity that matters, it's the quality! I'd rather have 3 'more main' guests, than 6 'smaller' guests. Or is that just me? I'm starting to really regret buying a ticket... Other events I had my doubts too, but at least I had my friends! Now I have no one. I can't even find a room mate! One thing is for sure tho, if I can't find a room mate, I'll have to cancel anyway, because I simply can't afford a room on my own at this stage in my life. It would be a total waste of money tho, as I already paid for both my gold ticket and my airplane tickets and there is a strict 'no-return-policy' on both of them. But I really can't see any other way Why did I go and buy me that gold ticket anyway? I should have followed my mates advice ... *sigh*