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  1. Your mum's pass will allow her to go everywhere you go, and sit next to you in the talks, but it doesn't entitle her to any free autographs. She can buy photoshoots, just like you at the organisers desk and purchase additional autographs if she'd like them. If you have any problems queuing for anything, speak to the crew who will be happy to assist you getting through the lines. I don't think the wait times for anything will be too bad at this event, but conserve your energy and ask for help. If you get stuck planning your day, ask at organisers desk (where you will pick up your registration pack) and I (or any other crew member there with me) will be more than happy to go through the schedule with you and help you plan. The event is structured so that you do get down time and don't have to rush between things, so take it easy and enjoy it. There is a costa coffee at the hotel and lots of bar space to sit down and relax and chairs scattered all over the hallways, but it is a bit of a trek into town (via train). Dawn
  2. Hi Tamar and welcome I'm one of the pit bosses who will be around at Newcastle, (do say Hi, even if I'm not on your pit, I do love eating saying hello to new crew). Great advice from both etmuse and Karen, I can only add from my point of view... If in doubt ask! I'd rather you asked me 20 questions and got it right than no questions and got it wrong. There is no such thing as a stupid question, the stupid one is the crew member who thinks they know it and actually doesn't. Grab your pit bosses mobile number off them in the morning. I always offer it to the crew in my pit, that way they can normally always get to me and most of the pb's do the same, it's easier to ping us a text as I/we may not always be able to answer, but will respond asap. and last but not least, enjoy it! It's hard work but ultimately satisfying. Ooh and don't panic if your pit boss calls you hun, babe, angel, sweetcakes or similar all day, we aren't trying to chat you up. TooTall has a brain as big as himself, with the uncanny ability to remember everyone's name but most of the rest of us are mere mortals who are trying to remember sometimes up to 40 names for the people in our pits, it's not personal, it's a brain thing. Dawn
  3. At Milton Keynes, Lena got to over a 1000 each day vq tickets called. At London she was feeling really ill on one day so her numbers called were much lower as she was suffering, and in fact left early sick. Normally she's a quick but chatty signer.
  4. I see you all advising leaving Kenny and Dave til late in the day, but bear in mind that Dave has just got out of hospital after his operation and Kenny is very old, and whilst they are both fine to attend, may not stay until the end of the day like they normally do. If they are really on your must have list (and they are both such lovely guys) I'd not leave them to the very last.
  5. GOLLUM!!!!! (Before you all think I've gone mad.. this was to Nik)
  6. You should not have been given a £5 voucher in change in the first place, if she/he didn't have a £5 note then they should have called a pit boss over to get some change (before they got into that situation). That said thank you for accepting the £5 and I'm sorry that it then caused problems. If you paid £25 for your auto which cost £15, then you should have been given £10 cash in change, whether you were using a £5 voucher or not! If you paid all in vouchers then you would only get change in vouchers, if you paid part cash/part vouchers, then the change can be made in cash or vouchers.
  7. The gold pass lady was Pooks, I'll make sure she is aware of your comments.
  8. and there is always the raffle. Someone has to win it!
  9. ok.. we have a go. The video link is Enjoy!
  10. I did break all the rules of ME Events and filmed this 5minutes 46 seconds of hilarity. It is on You Tube and as soon as Jess and Patrick have seen it and told me it can go live, then I will post up the link. PS: Before anyone think they can break the rules and film away for extra funny bits, I did this at Patricks request and cleared it with security/our stage people first and I was in a bright red shirt.
  11. Well I'm really really excited. People always moan that SM don't get the leads in shows then they pull out of the hat the lead in one of the most popular shows worldwide and people complain! Bring on the Thrones guests, the more the merrier, you only need to have looked at the size of the queues for these guys at previous events to realise that GOT is very popular.
  12. Registration is open all day, it will close shortly after the auction if there is one on Saturday, (I've not looked at the schedules) and certainly not until after the guest encounters. Normally you are safe to assume Reg will be open til at least 6pm if not a bit later.
  13. I will most certainly apply to be crew at LFCC next year; but we are all volunteers, sometimes we don't always get picked to work the events, but if asked I will be there proudly wearing my crew shirt and hopefully a smile :) 4.20am is close to my usual home time for me when I work events. I need to get back to my children so can't stay over on the Sunday nights. Our finish time is anywhere between 7.30pm - 8 ish. Then it was walk back to hotel, to try and grab a bite to eat before leaving. That unfortuately yesterday took two hours (one hour to get a table!) and then quick goodbyes and a long drive home to a small village in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor, dropping home 4 other crew on the way.
  14. Andy Firstly let me say I'm so glad that your day turned out ok in the end. I did wonder if you would manage to carry on after you left me. Thank you so much for this post. I've just woken up having arrived home at 4.20am this morning, and was rather stealing myself to come on and read the forums and this was amazingly the first post I came across. I would hope that any of our crew would have done the same for you but am glad I was in the right place at the right time to help you and your wife out. Do come back to another of our events, they aren't all quite so manic and thank you once again, you've made my day, so favour well and truly returned in full! Dawn xx
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