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  1. Natalie Dormer of course And as I couldn't make it this year and other actors from GOT (Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage,Kit Harington,Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke...),OUAT, HP...
  2. really hoping to get an autograph for my brother who's a huge fan... got a early-bird Saturday will do everything to get a VT ticket and then will do my other shoots and autographs
  3. Oh Gary Oldman would a dream coming true! #TeamSiriusBlack
  4. Any OUAT,Ravenswood, PLL; H.P, Twilight guests would be awesome
  5. thank you so so much! Twihard forever! And Merry Christmas everyone! <3
  6. Jackson, Nikky would be a dream coming true but you'll do your best as usual!
  7. Vampire Diaries, OTH, OUAT guests would be awesome
  8. I've mixed feelings about this con The guests and above all Peter were awesome! It was the first time I've met him and I"m so under his charm lol I had so much fun with my friends and I really enjoy the wolf picture! About the parties: the decoration was so poor, the parties were a bit boring, my friends and I love to dance and have fun and this time we didn't experience that in the parties... About the informations and the crew: it's was quite a mess above all on Sunday... Having to queue twice of three times is really getting on people's nerves. And the informations wasn't always the same from a crew member than from another... It's such a shame that some guests had to work as robot instead of enjoying the moments they met their fans. I gave some presents to Peter on Sunday and even if he was glad I'm sure he would have liked to 'share' a bit more with me or with other fans... About the ET 9: I agree with loads of you, I think it's a way to make more money... and it's a bit unprofesionnal...
  9. yeah he was so sweet and caring!
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