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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - Louis Moffat Appearing: all Auto: $15 Photo: $15 Young Sherlock Louis Moffat is a young actor who portrayed young Sherlock Holmes in "His Last Vow", the last episode of series three of Sherlock. Previously, Louis also voiced the "scared countdown boy" in "The Great Game". The son of show creator Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue, he still had to audition with other young actors for the chance to play 'young Sherlock'. Always a huge hit with the fans and guests alike at previous Sherlocked events, we are pleased to welcome Louis to the first USA event!
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - Sian Brooke Appearing: Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: £25 Photo Shoot: £25 Making her first appearance at our event, season four newcomer Sian Brooke will be joining us in October for SHERLOCKED UK! Her character became the pivitol role in season four and with her many guises kept the audience on the edge of their seats. As Sherlock's unknown sister Eurus became very real in the finale, and we are pleased to have Sian join us to tell us more about her experiences joining such an established TV show! Sian will be appearing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Sherlocked UK in October at the Hilton Metropole Hotel. www.sherlocked.com
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - Wanda Ventham Appearing: All weekend Autograph: $25 Photo Shoot: $30 Joint Photo only with Timothy Carlton (counts as one photo for packages) Mrs Holmes
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - Timothy Carlton Appearing: All weekend Autograph: $25 Photo Shoot: $30 - Joint photo only with Wanda Ventham (counts as a single photo for packages) Mr Holmes
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - Alistair Petrie Appearing: All Weekend Autograph: $25 Photo Shoot: $25 Major James Sholto in the episode 'The Sign of Three'
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - Mark Gatiss Appearing: all 3 days Autograph: $35 Photo Shoot: $35 Buy Tickets Now - http://bit.ly/2bpnqwu
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - Amanda Abbington Appearing: all 3 days Autograph: $45 Photo Shoot: $45
  8. Andrew Scott will be appearing at Sherlocked USA along with Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue in May 2017 Andrew will be taking part in autograph sessions, photo shoots and talks Andrew Scott Autographs: $55 Andrew Scott Photo Shoot $55
  9. Appearing: Saturday Autograph: TBC Photo Shoot: £35 Andrew Scott will be added to the following Photo Groups for Packages Platinum Groups A & B Gold Group E & H For a limited time, as Andrew can only join us for Saturday, if you have a Sunday only ticket and would like to transfer this for a Saturday only ticket simply contact the shop to make the change. Moriarty - Sherlock Dr. Addison Bennett - Alice Through the Looking Glass King Louis XI of France - Hollow Crown C - Spectre Gethin - Pride http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0778831
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - Amanda Abbington Appearing: Saturday Autograph: TBC Photo Shoot: £25 Mary Watson - Sherlock Miss Mardle - Mr Selfridge http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0007893/
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - Bobby Clark Appearing: Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: £15 Photo shoot: £15 Gorn - The Original Series
  12. Latest Guest Announcement - Linda Park Appearing: Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: £20 Photo Shoot: £20 Hoshi - Enterprise
  13. The image has been updated in the first post :)
  14. Photo Shoots for Sherlocked are now on sale in the Sherlocked Shop. Mark Gattiss - £20 Natasha O'Keeffe - £15 Phil Davis - £15 Yasmine Akram - £15 Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton (joint photo shoot) - £25 For visitors with packages the allocation of group photo shoots with announced guests so far are as follows
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - Yasmine Akram Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: £15 Photo Shoot: £15 Janine - Sherlock Lara - Undercover Parvadi / Parvinder - Stella http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2055297
  16. Latest Guest Announcement - Timothy Carlton Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: TBC Photo Shoot (with Wanda Ventham): £25 Sherlock's Father - Sherlock Duke of Westershire - Parade's End Judge - Downton Abbey Judge Howarth - Stuart: A Life Backwards Eric Renshaw - Heartbeat Hugh - Next of Kin Gerald Mace - The Lotus Eaters http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0138232
  17. Latest Guest Announcement - Wanda Ventham Appearing: Sat/Sun Autograph: TBC Photo Shoot (with Timothy Carlton): £25 Sherlock's Mother - Sherlock Beryl - Oscar Charlie Deborah's Mother - Men Behaving Badly Fiona Weston - Heartbeat Marge Payne - Just A Gigilo Pamela Parry - Only Fools & Horses http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0893243
  18. Here is the Chevron 8.3 Schedule: Group Shoots are: £25 for Standards tickets (one included for golds & are £5 for Silvers for first one) Green Screen Photo Shoots: £5 each (Everyone will get 1 free green screen photo shoot.)
  19. At SHERLOCKED we are always looking to bring you an experience that makes you feel part of the show that we all love, and today we can announce a photo shoot that recreates a very early iconic scene. The Taxi is without doubt Sherlock's transport of choice and when we can add Jeff the Cabbie in the driving seat, this is a photo shoot not to be missed! Phil Davis will be sat in the driver's seat of our Sherlocked Taxi, for this extra special photo shoot where you can recreate that moment in the very first episode. It turned into a scary experience for Sherlock, both in the pilot and the first episode but for you, it will be a unique momento of your Sherlocked weekend. Tickets are on sale now! Individual photo shoots will be going on sale next week, plus more special photo shoots will be announced soon!
  20. Picture yourself on the Bridge of the Enterprise with these exclusive Photo Shoots! You've seen the episodes, you've followed the adventures and now you can put yourself onto the bridge of the Enterprise! At Destination Star Trek Europe we will have both the Original Series Bridge and the Enterprise D bridge from The Next Generation on display at the event all weekend. Both bridges will have the opportunity for you to have a professional picture taken of you in the Captain's chair, producing a photograph that will be a real keep sake for you to take home with you What something even more special? There will be the opportunity for you to have your photo taken on the bridge with some of our amazing guests, a once in a lifetime opportunity for a keep sake you can treasure forever But why restrict yourself to only being pictured on the Enterprise Bridges when you could sit on a Klingon Bird of Prey bridge? We will have a replica set up of Commander Kruge's bridge from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The only thing that could be better than that is to be on the bridge with Commander Kruge himself, Christopher Lloyd, and you can with our exclusive photo shoot opportunity now available to buy. Check the link below to see what is available! More photo shoots will be announced over the coming months so keep checking back for updates. http://destinationstartrek.com/event-news/624-exclusive-bridge-photo-shoots-with-the-guests
  21. Hi all! We've had a few questions pop up on this so we'd like to let you know that everyone who booked their ticket at the last event will receive a registration letter via the post as we've done in the past. Anyone who has purchased on Eventbrite will need to either: 1) Print the PDF ticket which is attached to the order confirmation. 2) Display the ticket at the registration desk on either a mobile phone or tablet device. We are hoping to get the Registration Letters for the on the day purchases started over the weekend, but the lovely Yvie will give you all an update as usual. :)
  22. Latest Guest Announcement - George Takei Autograph: £35 Photo Shoot: £35 Mr Sulu - Star Trek The Original Series George Takei will be added to Group D in the Captains Package http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001786/
  23. I will answer what I can. Yes we are still trying to plan a few fun things to keep everyone entertained over the weekend. A few things we will keep as a surprise As to a screening room, we are looking into seeing if we can do this again, theirs a lot of stuff involved and not as easy as some people think We loved the Spinning Stagate at the Parties and we would love to have it back however this is just not possible. Simon how built it is now no longer with us is is still missed my many of us here at Massive Events. We are still looking at some fun activities for the parties however these are very expensive and have been little used at past Chevron Events. As to the Stalls this is also down to the exhibitors contacting us and booking in! We have put a few offers out but is not something we can force people to do. We do plan on having doing as much as we can with the budget we have and are happy to look at your ideas. Thanks Andrew
  24. We are very pleased to announced that we will be having some screen used costumes from the show on display at the show. There will be BDU outfits worn by O'Neill, Carter, Jackson and Teal'c These are from our very own Claire who has also said that they can we worn during the green screen photo shoot by the attendees if they wish. More to come on the green screens very soon
  25. We wanted to be open and honest with all of you that are coming to Chevron 8.3. This will be our last ever Chevron event. Over the last few events the attendance has been going down and now we are at the stage where we have sold less 150 tickets. Yes we are aware that we have had a couple of big guest cancellations at this show and we have tried to replace them and the team have been working hard, however it’s been very difficult to find suitable replacements. Now we do have 3 guests we have never had before and with the latest edition of Gary Jones it will still be a very fun event. For those of you that have never met Gary before you are in for a treat. With having a small attendance you will all really get to know the guests over the weekend. We still plan to have a great weekend with you all and we are still working on giving you as much as we can and it will be a great celebration of all things Stargate. We are sure you will all have an amazing time. We are also adding a few extras to all of our ticket packages which are listed below : VIP Extras: Access to Green Room plus included Lunch/Snacks 1 Free Green Screen shoot 3 Autos from each guest (1 more than usual) Free Group photo Shoot 3 Randomly selected Pre signed Autos from a past show Friday & Saturday Wine Reception Gold Pass Extras: 1 Free Green Screen shoot 3 Autos from each guest (2 more than usual) Free Group photo Shoot with Guests 3 Randomly selected Pre signed Autos from a past show Friday & Saturday Wine Reception (usually only Friday) Sliver Pass Extras: 1 Free Green Screen Shoot 2 Autos from each Guest (1 more than usual) £5 for a Group Shoot with Guests 2 Randomly selected Pre signed Autos from a past show Standard Pass: 1 Free Green Screen Shoot 1 Randomly selected Pre signed Autos from a past show Party's will be full on this time, Lip Sync Battles, Musical Statues and we will have lots of on the spot prizes. The Sunday Night Epic Quiz will be the best one we have ever done and will also be full of epic prizes. Many Thanks Andrew
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