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post your photos!

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I would love to see photos from this event, I really wanted to go but in the end just couldnt afford it, i was n the fence even before the cxls.


though Im prepared to cry when I see all the vanessa angel photos! really wanted to meet her!


look forward to everyones pics!

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cool pics, lucky sod! lol ladies on both days! thats my play lol!


i hope Vanessa had a good time and they can get her to a signing event perhaps, would love to meet her!


just couldnt afford the overall costs on this one

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DJ Murrary With DJ Peter Williams at Sunday night party :D:smile:;)



LOVED Peter's DJing last night. I know some peeps missed the con songs but as Sunday is usually more 'mellow' than Fri/Sat I have to say that I really enjoyed the change and had a fabulous time!

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